"Symposium on the Battles on the Eastern Black Sea Coasts During World War I" Being Held at Our University

Hosted by our University's Graduate School of Black Sea Studies, the "Symposium on the Battles on the Eastern Black Sea Coasts During World War I: Through the Eyes of Turkish and Russian Historians" was held on June 5-6, 2024, at the Prof. Dr. Osman Turan Culture and Congress Center.

Commencing with a moment of silence and the national anthem, the symposium's opening speech was delivered by the Director of the Graduate School of Black Sea Studies, Prof. Dr. İsmail Köse. He stated, "World War I was a devastating conflict that brought much destruction, disappointment, and negativity. In this symposium, the events of the period will be discussed with our Russian colleagues, shedding light on the perspective of the northern Black Sea region on World War I." Following this, Former Minister of Public Works and Settlement, Faruk Özak, remarked, "This international gathering aims to address the negotiations between the countries on the Eastern Black Sea coasts during World War I, which is a historically significant issue within the framework of Turkish-Russian relations. Although the Turkish and Russian sides have historically been adversaries, it is undeniable that more than a century later, scholars' objective and unbiased evaluation of the subject will contribute positively to Turkish-Russian relations."

Our University's Rector, Prof. Dr. Hamdullah Çuvalcı, emphasized the geopolitical importance of the region in his speech, stating, "The Black Sea and Caucasus hinterland, which has been predominantly under the dominion of Turkish-origin communities or states for a long period, has been the scene of competition among great powers since ancient times. Although it has periodically lost its economic importance, this geography, which has started to regain prominence since the 19th century, has become a significant transportation network, energy, and security center in the east-west and north-south directions."

With the participation of expert Turkish and Russian scholars, academics, and students, the symposium, which addressed various aspects of the developments in the Eastern Black Sea during World War I, and the findings and evaluations presented at the meeting are expected to contribute scientifically to studies in this field. The symposium also hosted researchers and visitors interested in the topic on June 6, 2024.

06 June 2024