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Dear Students,

You took the university entrance exam after a long and demanding preparation period. First of all, I congratulate you all on behalf of my university, and wish you luck for the rest of your life. You are now on the point of choosing the proper job and the university that will provide you with the proper education for that job. It is one of the most important decisions for your future. When you are to make a choice, you should take your interest and abilities into account and decide on a job which you would perform with enthusiasm and commitment.

Our university, which was founded on 2 May 1955 and commenced its educational activities in 1963, was further expanded in the course of time with the establishment of programs in technical sciences, natural sciences, educational sciences, humanities, and health sciences as well as departments like arts and sport helping the mental and physical development of human beings. In addition, with our vocational schools, we raise the qualified and professional staff of the future who will be of great help for our city, region, and country. With its graduate schools, our university also raises the competent individuals and academic staff of the future of whom Turkey is in need. Today, there are a total of 17 faculties, seven graduate schools, one state conservatory, four schools, and 12 vocational schools at our university. KTU is one of the leading universities of Turkey with its 2,401 academics, 1,769 administrative employees, over 53,000 students, and more than 207,000 alumni. KTU is a distinguished university with its rooted history, firm traditions, 55-year experience in education, infrastructure, excellent campus, and qualified teaching and research staff.

Since its foundation, KTU has been offering education in its associate degree, undergraduate, and graduate programs at universal standards and contributing to the technological development of our region and country besides helping the improvement of the national and international science literature through research and development activities, thanks to its solid infrastructure and qualified staff.

In today’s world, besides knowing a job well, being able to express oneself effectively and predisposition to teamwork are the qualities which are of great significance. In this sense, both KTU campus and the province of Trabzon are full of opportunities for you. Endowed with unique natural beauties, cultural, sports, and social facilities, different student clubs appealing to various interests, and broad recreational areas, our university will contribute to you a lot on your way to building a social personality.

We invite you to Karadeniz Technical University situated on one of the most beautiful campuses of Turkey, where the green of mountains and the blue of the sea come together. Come and enjoy this privilege!

Warm Regards,
Prof. Dr. Hamdullah ÇUVALCI