rector's message

Dear Students,

Our university has completed its founding journey, which started in 1955, by taking its strong place in our higher education system by being selected as a "Research University" in the 2021-2022 academic year. We are happy that our university has taken a strong step towards serving this purpose with its academic and administrative staff, infrastructure, institutional quality approach and all kinds of equipment. The successes of our university emerge with the principles of great teamwork, dedication, trust and commitment. Our experienced academic and administrative staff, who are the best in their fields, and our international students who ensure multiculturalism, contribute significantly to achieving our goal. With these contributions at our university, you, our valued students, will receive education in an atmosphere accompanied by a natural arboretum where history and nature integrate, and you will be able to improve yourself personally and academically in the process.

The main priority of Karadeniz Technical University, which is a deep-rooted and strong family and devoted to the path of science and wisdom; To train leaders who will produce national and international added value by focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship in their mission to contribute to research, education and society. As a family, at KTU, we adopt a fair, transparent and reliable management approach that protects collective wisdom, national and moral values. Our students; We prepare our students for the future with an approach that protects all the values ??of the geography in which it is located, protects and develops its national wealth, and combines the dynamism of our students with a "developer", "entrepreneurial", "innovative" and "competitive" approach.

As of 2022, 54 undergraduate and 32 associate degree programs in 12 faculties, 1 college, 8 vocational schools at KTU; It is carried out with 83 master's and 55 doctoral programs in 6 institutes. Our university, which is a big family with more than 30 thousand students and more than 250 thousand graduates, will continue to grow with you. Being a student and member of KTU, with its half-century of history and academic experience, is a unique and honorable experience. We are waiting for you at KTÜ to witness the success of you, valuable young people, who are the biggest part of our hope, and to include you in the KTÜ school. Welcome to KTU!

Prof. Dr. Hamdullah ÇUVALCI