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Koru Dormitory

KTU Dormitory, located on central Kanuni Campus, is in the service of students with a total capacity of 86 persons and 31 rooms.

Phone: +90 462 377 35 78

Koru Yurdu

Dormitories Run by the Higher Education Student Loans and Dormitories Institution (KYK)

Our university incorporates two separate dormitory complexes run by the Higher Education Student Loans and Dormitories Institution (KYK). Dogu Karadeniz Dormitory comprises eight blocks providing accommodation to female students with 1-3 people rooms. The other dormitory consists of four separate blocks providing accommodation to male students. Apart from these, there are dormitories (for both males and females) in the city center and in Akçaabat, Yomra, Surmene, Of, and Macka districts of Trabzon.

Regional Directorate of the Higher Education Student Loans and Dormitories Institution (KYK) in Trabzon
Phone: +90 462 230 73 40

Directorate of Dormitories in Trabzon:
Phone: +90 462 328 09 82- 377 31 61

Directorate of Dogu Karadeniz Dormitory:
Phone: +90 462 328 01 01-328 01 10


Doğu Karadeniz Yurdu Yurtları
Erkek Öğrenci Yurtları


Tourism Training and Application Center Commercial Enterprise

Social Facilities Management Directorate started its business with the "Directive for Tourism Education and Application Center Management" which came into force on 13.12.2002. It provides service in two sites, namely the Seaside Facilities and the Koru Hotel.


KTU Seaside Facilities

Seaside facilities, comprising standard and suite rooms, are decorated with elegant and functional details with a total of 35 rooms and 75 beds. In addition to a free, reliable, and large parking lot, the Seaside facilities have a breakfast room which offers different tastes, flavors with rich content. In addition, lunch and dinner meals are served upon request for the groups that we host.

Reception Desk: +90 462 377 4900

Restaurant Phone: +90 462 377 4957


Sahil Tesisleri

Koru Hotel

Located on central Kanuni Campus, Koru Hotel offers outstanding services to their guests with a total of 108 rooms and suites. Situated in greenery with a great view of the sea, the Hotel is 5 minutes away from the airport and bus terminal.

Phone: +90 462 377 3547


Koru Tesisleri

Nutrition and Health


There are student dining halls on various campuses. Students can have their lunch for half of the cost at these dining halls run by the private sector. The Higher Education Student Loans and Dormitories Institution (KYK) subsidizes breakfast and dinner for students staying in the dormitories of the Institution. Besides, various canteens and cafeterias meet students’ food demands at different faculties and departments on all campuses. These canteens are continuously inspected for sanitary conditions, and prices are determined by the university administration.

Olimpiyat Café

Olimpiyat Café, located on the ground floor of Koru Hotel on Kanuni Campus, provides high-quality service.

Phone: +90 462 377 3404

olimpiyat Kafe

KTU Seaside Facilities

KTU Seaside Facilities, with a capacity of 350, has a restaurant and a cafeteria by the sea.

Phone: +90 462 377 3404

Sahil Tesisleri


  • Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Canteen
  • Civil Engineering-Architecture Canteen
  • Mechanical Engineering Canteen
  • Mathematics Canteen
  • Faculty of Forestry Canteen
  • Earth Sciences Canteen
  • Dr’s Café (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Sevimli Canteen (on the ground floor of the Department of Physics)
  • Cinaralti Restaurant
  • Kafe5


Makine Kantini
İİBF Kantini
Matematik Kantini


As per the Law of Social Security and General Health Insurance no. 5510, all students are covered by General Health Insurance within the conditions stated in the article 60 of the said Law, and their treatment costs are covered by the Social Security Institution (SGK).

Directorate of Health, Culture, and Sports

Phone: +90 462 377 2005

Fax: +90 462 325 3161


Social, Cultural, and Sports Facilities

Karadeniz Technical University, one of the outstanding universities in Turkey in terms of social life, has numerous social, sports, and cultural facilities to fulfill students’ such needs.


Atatürk Cultural Center

Atatürk Cultural Center, located on Kanuni Campus, comprises two main saloons with a capacity of 1,000 and 250 people and many other small saloons. In this center, all kinds of scientific and cultural activities such as cinemas, theatres, concerts, conferences, and panels can be held.

Atatürk Cultural Center Atatürk Cultural Center

Prof. Dr. Osman Turan Culture and Congress Center

Prof. Dr. Osman Turan Culture and Congress Center, built on an area of 8,000 square meters, is a modern building where any kind of scientific and cultural activity can be held. The center has two big saloons with a capacity of 600 and 250 seats, six seminar saloons with a capacity of 80 and 120 people, two exhibition saloons with an area of 250 and 600 square meters a museum, and a cocktail saloon with a capacity of 220 people. The center can host any kind of national and international congresses with its modern furnishing, equipment, acoustic and lighting arrangement, and suitability for simultaneous translation. Besides, the center has a parking garage, lot, and cafeteria.

Phone: 0 (462) 377 4025
Web Page: /kongremerkezleri

Prof. Dr. Osman Turan Culture and Congress Center Prof. Dr. Osman Turan Culture and Congress Center


Karadeniz Technical University provides all kinds of sports facilities for students in order to contribute to their physical development and meet their social needs.

Hasan Polat Indoor Sports Facility

Built on an area of 3,000 square meters, Hasan Polat Indoor Sports Facility is a hall that provides the opportunity to hold any kind of indoor competition. There exists a stand with a capacity of 600 seats, changing rooms, rooms for press and surround system, a lobby for rest, two saunas, and bureaus that can be used for various purposes.

Phone: 0 (462) 377 2430

Hasan Polat Indoor Sports Facility


The stadium, located on Kanuni Campus with a 100x60 meters grass pitch, is surrounded by a stand with a rooftop and seats and by two others with only seats. It has a capacity of 3,000 spectators. With its modern lighting system and scoreboard, the stadium has been designed in such a way that there can be held matches in the evenings as well.

Phone: 0 (462) 377 2430


Olympic Swimming Pool

Olympic Swimming Pool, included in the Vocational School of Tourism and Hotel Management, is suitable for any kind of water sports. At the pool that 250 people can enjoy at the same time, there are changing rooms with shower cabins and lockable cupboards. The pool water is cleaned using an automated disinfection system and the newest filtration system. There is also a children’s pool with a size of 5x5x0.6 meters next to the main pool. This facility also includes a place for sunbathing, a cafeteria, and a health cabinet serving as a sickroom for health services.

Phone: 0 (462) 377 4970 - 377 3679

Olympic Swimming Pool

Small Areas for Sports

There exist three miniature football fields, six tennis courts, two outdoor basketball courts, two volleyball courts, and one squash court at Karadeniz Technical University. All these facilities have granulated rubber flooring and a lighting system so that students can do sports after school hours.

Phone: 0 (462) 377 2430

Small Areas for Sports

Facilities for Healthy Life

Within the sports complex that is located below the stand with a rooftop of the grass pitch, there is a sauna saloon, a fitness center, a steps saloon, a saloon for mind sports, and a number of other saloons that are suitable to use for sports activities and a healthy life.

Phone: 0 (462) 377 2430