Our University Selected as a Pilot Institution with a Defined Goal: Increasing the Commercialization Rate of Intellectual Property Righ

Our university was selected as a pilot institution by the Ministry of Industry and Technology o to develop projects aimed at improving the commercialization of ideas protected by intellectual property rights. In this regard, our university hosted a meeting to analyze the commercialization potential of existing intellectual property assets and to increase the commercialization rates of intellectual property rights.

The meeting, held at the Senate Hall of the Rectorate Building, was attended by our Rector, Prof. Dr. Hamdullah Çuvalci, as well as various representatives from public institutions, organizations, and university administrators. During the meeting, representatives participated in discussions to express their views on patent commercialization, industry-academic collaboration, and patent valuation to be conducted in the Eastern Black Sea Region, in alignment with mutual interests.

Following an exchange of views, the meeting concluded.

06 June 2024