KTU became a partner in the TRANSFORMIT Project for Biodiversity Conservation and Forest Management.

Our university has taken its place as a project partner in the "Future of Sustainable Forest Management-TRANSFORMIT" Collaboration Project, launched to integrate societal demands with biodiversity conservation.

Taking an important step in the "Future of Sustainable Forest Management-TRANSFORMIT" Collaboration Project initiated for the purpose of biodiversity conservation, our university will play a significant role in forestry by participating in the project, examining biodiversity-friendly forest management practices. The TRANSFORMIT Project is defined as a large-scale initiative aiming not only to address the subject from a theoretical perspective but also to tackle concrete policy and practical guidance needs, targeting biodiversity-friendly forest management. Expectations from TRANSFORMIT are high during the implementation phase. Within the scope of the project, it is aimed to create a new synergy among forestry institutions, practitioners, forest owners, research organizations, certification bodies, and other relevant stakeholders through the stakeholder engagement platform. Additionally, evidence-based guidelines will be developed to expand the recommendations for Integrated Forest Management (IFM) within the project.


Collaboration to Address Important Topics

Another aim of the project is to explore how Integrated Forest Management assists in increasing forest resilience, preventing forest degradation, and conserving forest resources. Within this framework, topics such as biodiversity conservation, bioeconomy, ecosystem restoration, resilience, climate change mitigation, and adaptation will be addressed, and the benefits of Integrated Forest Management will be assessed.


TRANSFORMIT, Seeking an Appropriate Solution for Everyone

Under the content-focused umbrella of IFM, IFM methods and recommendations will be made adaptable to different forest areas. In addition to examining IFM practices and innovative technologies related to Integrated Forest Management, the project will focus on developing educational materials to support Sustainable Forest Management education and training activities in universities and forestry faculties. This collaboration is considered an important step in biodiversity conservation and sustainable forest management. The TRANSFORMIT project will make a significant contribution towards leaving a healthier and more livable environment for future generations. TRANSFORMIT, which includes only Karadeniz Technical University from Türkiye, is a Horizon Europe 2023 Project financed by the European Commission under Grant Agreement No. 101135263. The project will continue from 2023 to 2027.


The partners of the TRANSFORMIT project are:

•      European Forest Institute -EFI (Finland)

•      University of Freiburg (Germany)

•      Croatian Forest Research Institute (Croatia)

•      University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (Austria)

•      Natural Resources Institute Finland (Finland)

•      Wageningen University (Netherlands)

•      Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (Finland)

•      Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden)

•      Wageningen Research (Netherlands)

•      Centre de la Propietat Forestal (Spain)

•      Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (Czech Republic)

•      European Institute of Planted Forest (France)

•      Slovenian Forest Institute (Slovenia)

•      Karadeniz Technical University (Türkiye)

•      Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (Switzerland)

•      Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (Switzerland)

16 April 2024