TRNC President Ersin TATAR Was Entitled to Have Honorary Doctorate

Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) President Ersin Tatar arrived in Trabzon to conduct a series of meetings. After his visits to our city, President Ersin Tatar came to our university to give a conference on "The Strategic Importance of TRNC in the Turkic World." Before the conference, he was hosted in the office by our Rector Prof. Dr. Hamdullah Çuvalcı.

The conference on "The Strategic Importance of TRNC in the Turkic World" was organized to emphasize the strategic importance of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus within the Turkic world, honor the historical and cultural heritage of these valuable lands, and strengthen the cultural, historical, and strategic ties between the baby homeland and Türkiye. The conference took place at our university's Prof. Dr. Osman Culture and Congress Center. Attendees included President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Ersin Tatar; Trabzon Governor, Aziz Yıldırım; Ortahisar Mayor, Ahmet Metin Genç, Esq; Former State Minister, Faruk Nafiz Özak; Cyprus veterans, local protocol, academics, students, and members of the press.

Following a moment of silence and the singing of the national anthem, our Rector Prof. Dr. Hamdullah Çuvalcı greeted and addressed all participants in his opening speeches. Prof. Dr. Hamdullah Çuvalcı addressed the attendees and students. He stated, "Northern Cyprus is strategically located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean. This unique geographical position has made it not only crucial for the Turkic world but also a significant crossroads in international relations and trade. Cyprus has historically been viewed as an indispensable strategic and commercial base for states seeking to reach the Mediterranean and the Middle East. The strategically important island of Cyprus has hosted many civilizations throughout history and has become an important cultural center due to its strategic location. During the Ottoman Empire period, it remained under Turkish rule for many years. Today, thanks to the cooperation with the Republic of Türkiye and other Turkic states, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus plays an important role regionally and globally. These lands continue to exist as part of Turkish culture and civilization, just as in every era of history. Therefore, today, here at Karadeniz Technical University, we are pleased and honored to confer an Honorary Doctorate in International Relations upon Ersin TATAR, the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Mr. Tatar has achieved success in both academic and professional careers, served the Turkish Cypriot people and the Turkic world, strengthened the bond between Northern Cyprus and Türkiye, and increased the international recognition of Northern Cyprus. Congratulations to President Ersin TATAR for being awarded the honorary degree. I express my gratitude to everyone involved in the planning and implementation of the conference." He concluded his speech by wishing President TATAR health, happiness, and continued success in his future endeavors.

Trabzon Governor Aziz YILDIRIM, who spoke next, emphasized, "Throughout history, Cyprus has been of indispensable strategic and commercial importance for states seeking to open up to the Middle East. Considering its geographical location, the island has preserved its strategic importance in every era. The power holding the island has always controlled the region, from Türkiye to Egypt and from Lebanon to Iran. Since 1517, Turkish sovereignty has been legally established on the island, with thousands of Turkish families migrating to Cyprus, maintaining uninterrupted and long-term Turkish dominance throughout its history. In the Cyprus Peace Operation carried out by Türkiye in 1974, despite taking on financial obligations and embargoes, Türkiye never compromised on the security and sovereignty rights of the Turkish people living on the island nor allowed them to be negotiated. Today, in the region assigned to elements representing the Turkish Armed Forces for the purpose of ensuring peace and the security of the Turkish community living here, the duty is to protect Türkiye's rights and interests as a guarantor state, as well as the existence and territorial integrity of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus."

Following the opening speeches, a chronological video presentation on recent developments in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) was shown. The program continued with the conference on "The Strategic Importance of TRNC in the Turkic World" delivered by President Ersin Tatar.

President Ersin Tatar, in his speech emphasizing the importance of the topic, expressed his joy and pride at being at Karadeniz Technical University. He thanked the Rector and the university's team for bestowing the honor on him and the Turkish Cypriot people. He stated, "The happiness and pride of being in Trabzon at Karadeniz Technical University today, for me and the Turkish Cypriot people, is due to the actions taken for the existence, future, and presence of our nation in this geography, from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, which we call Homeland, Baby Homeland, and Blue Homeland. We carry the happiness and joy of being able to sustain the national sensitivities we have received as an entrusted legacy from the glorious history of our nation, both in terms of its future and its present through the efforts made for the survival of our nation."

President Tatar continued by acknowledging the historical ties connecting them to the region, stating, "All the elements that bind us from the depths of history are clear and explicit expressions of being an inseparable and indissoluble part of the same nation." Reflecting on the Ottoman legacy, he mentioned, "When we look at the history of the island under our sovereignty today, we see the traces of the Ottoman Empire both in Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus. The longest period on the island is the Ottoman period, 350 years. We are now making plans and programs to celebrate our 500th year by looking at the past of the island and the struggle of the Cypriot people and the Turkish Cypriots." President Tatar affirmed the lasting commitment of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and emphasized their continuous relationship with Türkiye, guided by the leadership of Türkiye and the principles of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. He also highlighted the influence of this historical process in the Blue Homeland policy, stating, "Today, in the Blue Homeland policy, all the traces of this process are present. Together with the homeland and the baby homeland, we will move forward into the future more strongly. In the Blue Homeland, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has more rights as an independent state, with its own jurisdiction, territorial waters, economic relations, regional rights, and continental shelf, amounting to an additional 400,000 km2 for our people."

Following the conference, our Rector Prof. Dr. Hamdullah Çuvalcı presented President Ersin Tatar with an "Honorary Doctorate" diploma (Honorary Doctorate) and an oil painting of his portrait. The program concluded after taking a commemorative photograph.

22 January 2024