Pro-Palestinian Protests at Universities in the USA

The ongoing " Massacre by the Israeli Army " in Palestine has stirred up universities in the United States. The protests initiated by students have caught the attention of the world.

The number of life loss in Palestine, where the Israeli army has been continuing its attacks for over 200 days, has risen to 34,262, with an increase of 79 in the last 24 hours. The increasing reactions against Israeli attacks in Palestine have influenced universities in the US. According to information conveyed by National News Agencies, the tension at Columbia University in the US has led to calls for the resignation of Rector Prof. Dr. Minouche SHAFIK.


"No Silence Allowed!"

US House Speaker Mike JOHNSON, in his statement, alleged that Columbia University Rector Prof. Dr. SHAFIK showed "weak leadership" and demanded her resignation. Johnson stated that the university administration did not provide an effective response to pro-Palestinian protests and did not make enough effort to resolve the crisis. The escalating tension and student activism across the university indicate that university administrations should not remain silent on the issue of "Palestine."


Disproportionate Use of Force

In addition to Columbia University, protesters at many universities such as Yale, New York University, and Harvard have been arrested due to their actions, prompting universities to move to hybrid classes to prevent further protests. The disproportionate response to university students' "peaceful" protests undermines fundamental human rights and academic freedom.

26 April 2024