Meeting of the Commission on Social Contribution

The Commission on Social Contribution, operating within the framework of our university's Social Contribution Policy, aims to open the physical facilities of our city and region by being conscious of being a higher education institution sensitive to societal issues and solution-oriented, and in line with local, regional, and national expectations. Chaired by our Vice-Rector, Prof. Dr. Akif CİNEL, the commission convened in the Rectorate Senate Hall. In this context, the commission's objectives include conducting research activities based on the needs of society and maintaining health services with a focus on patient satisfaction. Additionally, it works to meet lifelong learning demands from internal and external stakeholders and to produce qualified graduates needed by our country for both public and private sectors.

During the meeting, it was emphasized that our university needs to manage and monitor social contribution activities that respond to and create value for the needs of society and the environment, including disadvantaged groups, through institutional collaborations and partnerships with public institutions, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It was stated that these activities should be planned and developed in line with the strategic objectives and goals of our university. Besides, the importance of effectively utilizing the necessary physical infrastructure and financial resources was emphasized.

During the meeting, which was attended by our university's academic and administrative unit members selected by the Rector, along with our Advisor to the Rector, Lect. Ali Haydar DOĞU, a general evaluation presentation was given on the activities and scientific studies conducted. Following this presentation, several important decisions were made. Among the important decisions taken are the organization of activities by units within the scope of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, opening the social contribution matrix to units through the strategic planning information system, and adding social contribution courses to our university's elective course pool. Additionally, it was decided to make all activities conducted by the Commission on Social Contribution visible on our university's website.

In line with our university's sustainable development goals, consensus was reached on the dissemination of scientific knowledge and tangible outputs to contribute to the development of society. Among other points are enhancing collaboration with external stakeholders, improving the management process of alumni relations, and strengthening the quality and diversity of health services nationally and internationally. The meeting, where detailed discussions on the necessary actions to achieve these goals were held, ended after briefly touching upon the main agenda items for the next meeting.

28 March 2024