Attention to Students who have Exceeded Visa or Residence Permit Duration!

Directorate of Student Affairs

Dear Students,

If you have exceeded the duration of your visa or residence permit by not obtaining or renewing your student residence permit, please take note of the following:

To be eligible for a student residence permit, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. Active YÖKSİS record.
  2. Legal entry into our country.
  3. Possession of a passport or equivalent document.
  4. No entry ban order against you.
  5. No threat to public order or public safety.
  6. Valid health insurance covering the requested residence permit period.
  7. Assurance of your commitment to continue your studies (status of attendance, grade point average, etc.).
  8. Not having an obstacle within the framework of Articles 39 and 40 of Law No. 6458.

If those, who registered as students before November 29, 2023 and have violated their visa/residence permit by that date (including those with V84 restriction data entry), apply until January 31, 2024, the following procedure will be applied:

During the period of student registration, a penalty fee for visa or residence permit violation will not be applied. Instead, only the residence permit document fee will be collected, and student residence permits can be issued starting from the application date.


Documents to be attached to the application file of the relevant persons who meet the above conditions

  1. Residence Permit Registration/Application Form (available on
  2. Passport or equivalent document.
  3. Document indicating your student status.
  4. 4 biometric photographs.
  5. Valid Health Insurance (General Health Insurance or private health insurance covering the residence permit request period).
  6. Document showing Address Information.
  1. If staying at your own residence, provide a photocopy of the title deed.
  2. If staying with a rental agreement, provide a notarized copy of the rental agreement.
  3. If staying in hotels or similar accommodations, provide a document confirming the stay.
  4. If staying in student dormitories, provide a document confirming residence in the dormitory.
  5. If staying with a sponsor, provide a notarized commitment from the sponsor.
  1. Receipt of payment of the residence permit document fee
  2. For foreigners under the age of 18 coming with a visa exemption or a visa for a different purpose; a document containing the information of the parent/guardian (birth certificate, family certificate, etc.) and the consent given by the parent/guardian/legal representative (for those coming with a visa suitable for the purpose (study visa); the consent and the document containing the information of the parent/guardian will not be attached).  
  3. Declaration/Control Document (It must be downloaded and filled in by the student and submitted with the file).


Note: This process is in accordance with the "International Cooperation Protocol Regarding Residence Permit Applications of International Students" signed between the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) and the Ministry of Interior Directorate General of Migration Management. In this context, international students are required to submit their residence permit application documents to the international student office of the university where they are enrolled.