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The department of International Relations established within the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Karadeniz Technical University began to teach Bachelor’s courses in 1994. Apart from daytime education, evening program was introduced in the 2007-2008 academic year. The department receives 120 daytime and 80 evening education bachelor students every year and currently there are 1000 attending students in bachelor’s level. The Department has 20 full-time academic personnel including 5 professor, 2 associate professor, 7 doctor lecturer, 1 lecturer and 5 research assistants.

The primary objective of the four-year study of international relations is to produce open-minded students, to give them a high level of analytical and synthetical skills so as to enable them to contribute dearly to their future professional environments. This program provides students the framework of the social sciences and specifically teach the diplomatic history, international law, international politics and theory field of the International Relations discipline.

Another determination of the program is to support students enhance their foreign language capacities. Our students are supported by language training at the level where they can follow international scientific studies in their field during their faculty training. Besides, it seems pertinent to highlight the importance of exchange programmes (Erasmus, Farabi and Mevlana) which opens up the prospect of exposure to various cultures and diverse experiences.