our goals and objectives

Rapidly developing information and communication technologies lead to major changes in societies. The use and management of information in order to keep up with and direct these changes are among the problems that need urgent solutions. Our country's need for sufficient and trained manpower to solve these problems is increasing day by day. In this context, one of our main goals is to ensure that our students embrace the future and become sought-after employees. While achieving this goal, we aim to push all conditions to become individuals who are beneficial to our country, have achieved personal development, are self-confident and have strong social relations.

As a department, our well-trained, young and dynamic staff carries out both academic and project-based studies. Within the scope of these studies, we aim to create a spark in the horizons of students by encouraging them to actively participate in these studies.

Our goals in the course content of our department are to ensure that our graduating students gain the following equipment.

A good STATISTICIAN (DATA SCIENTIST) who can analyze big data and make accurate predictions that will shed light on the future,
A good SOFTWARE DEVELOPER (SOFTWARE Developer) who can develop applications that can meet the desired needs,
A good ALGORITHM DESIGNER who develops algorithms to solve problems with experience in ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and MACHINE LEARNING, which puts countries in competition today and has the chance to be applied in every field,
A TEACHING pedagogical formation certificate is given in order to work as a Computer Teacher in Secondary and High Schools.