Rector and His Delegation Visited Our Department

"Evaluation Meeting of Research University Road Map and Academic Performance" was held in our Department

Rector Prof. Dr. Hamdullah ÇUVALCI and his delegation visited the Department of Computer Science and held a comprehensive evaluation meeting regarding the "Research University" road map and the academic performance of the departments. Dean of Faculty of Science, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Hakan YILMAZ, Head of Computer Science Department, Prof. Dr. Orhan KESEMEN, faculty members and staff of the department attended this meeting; the achievements, goals and development potential of the department were discussed. The head of the department and the academics have committed to work decisively to increase the academic output of the departments in line with the strategic plans of our university and the performance indicators of the research university. This meeting was seen as an important step in further strengthening our university nationally and internationally.

22 March 2024