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Our department was founded in 1971 and it was the first Forest Industry Engineering department in Turkey.  Forest Industry Engineering Department’s education program meets forest industries and provides the basic principles and knowledge related to forest industries.  The undergraduate program of the department focuses and pays attention on communication, problem solving and development of technical skills. In order to achieve these targets, the undergraduate program contains wood mechanics and technology, wood preservation, wood chemistry and technology, forest industry machines, information technologies, behavioral sciences and business management courses. In addition to mandatory courses, some optional courses are offered according to students interests. Thanks to optional courses, students have a chance to improve themselves in different fields in the forest industry areas. Therefore, Forest Industry Engineering graduates can define and solve the forest industry problems via either individual efforts/skills/knowledge or team-work through multi-discipline collaborations.


Career Paths/job opportunities

Forest Industry Engineers have many opportunities to find different kinds of jobs in both government and private forest industry sector such as lumber mills, particleboard plants, plywood plants, pulp and paper mills, MDF plants, furniture plants, wood protection plants, architectural firms, interior products companies and marketing departments. The companies in forest industry sector vary from small size to international companies. Production careers usually involve product and process development, quality control, production and management. Entry level-positions are typically in production and management training.