education objectives

Our aim is for students to be able to work or provide services as Forest Industry Engineers in public and/or private sector organizations involved in the supply, production, and marketing processes in the forest industry and related sectors, taking into account the ethical practices of the profession and being sensitive to societal and global responsibilities such as green deal and recycling. Additionally, we aim for students to pursue postgraduate education and careers.

Furthermore, with the implementation of the 7+1 Industry Engineering Education (IVT) program, we aim to reinforce the knowledge and experiences gained by our students during their education, introduce them to the organizational structure in the workplace and instill work discipline, develop their ability to use and apply theoretical and practical engineering knowledge, cultivate the habit of working in teams with a team spirit in the institutions where they receive vocational training, and provide our students with the opportunity to follow technological developments in the sector.


Our Students:

Our students maintain communication with international and national professional organizations and organize events by forming various Student Clubs (such as the Forest Industry Engineering Science Club).


Our Academicians:

Our faculty members not only teach courses but also engage in scientific research and participate in KTU BAP (Research Projects Commission), TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), and SANTEZ (The Support Program for Research Projects) projects. Efforts to apply for projects within the framework of EU programs continue, and collaborations with some universities abroad are established.


Our Departments:

- Wood Mechanics and Technology

- Chemistry and Technology of Forest Products

- Forest Industry Machinery and Operations

- Forest Biology and Wood Protection Technology


Internship Program:

In order to be eligible to receive their bachelor's degree, KTU students studying Forest Industry Engineering are required to complete an internship (practical work) in accordance with the KTU Directive for Forest Industry Engineering Internship, in addition to fulfilling the necessary course credits. The internship is intended to contribute to the engineering education by enhancing practical knowledge and skills.

The total duration of the internship (practical work) required for our students' graduation is 60 (sixty) working days. Students can complete internships for a minimum of fifteen (15) and a maximum of forty (40) working days without interruption during one internship period (covering two semesters within a one-year period).

As part of the 7+1 Industry Vocational Training (IVT) program, our students will also complete an internship for one semester in the 8th semester.


Exchange Programs:

Student exchange programs at our university are managed by the Office of Exchange Programs. These programs offer students the opportunity to receive education and internships both domestically and internationally. Within the Office of Exchange Programs, there are three different units:

- Erasmus+ Exchange Program Unit

- Farabi Exchange Program Unit

- Mevlana Exchange Program Unit

For detailed information about exchange programs, you can visit the web page of our Office of Exchange Programs.

Course Information:

For Departmental Course Information Packages, Course Curricula, Course Compatibility Programs, and Course Catalogs, please visit the web page.

Achievements for the Year 2022-2023:

- 1 of our projects has been supported for the TÜBİTAK 2209-A Program 2023 1st call applications.

- 2 of our projects have been supported for the TÜBİTAK 2209-B Program 2023 1st call applications.

- Third Place in the TalenTree Ideathon "Future and Carbon Zero" Themed Project Competition.