frequently asked questions

1. What are the rules regarding courseware?

Students must renew their registration and enroll in courses interactively on the computer at the beginning of each semester and within the periods specified in the academic calendar.

Students are responsible for all course software and registration renewals and are responsible for carrying out these procedures themselves.

Students who are placed in the first year by ÖSYM are registered to the first semester courses directly by the Registrar's Office. Starting from the second semester, students must make their own course registrations within the period given in the academic calendar, using the username and password given to them.

Students can interactively enroll in a new course or drop the course(s) they have previously enrolled in within the periods specified in the academic calendar. Courses taken during the course add/drop period are approved by the academic advisor.

The registered student must first take the failed courses.

A student who applies to the department with a petition within one month from the start date of the semester and whose excuse is accepted by the Department Head-Dean's Office can register for courses. Applications made after this period will not be taken into consideration.

2. Is there a requirement to attend classes?

In order to take the final exam of a course, it is mandatory to be registered in that course and attend at least 70% of the courses taken for the first time and at least 80% of the practicals and/or laboratories. Students who fail to meet these requirements will not be allowed to take the final exam. This student is given a (D) absent letter grade.

If a student who has fulfilled the requirement to take the final exam in a course once repeats this course in subsequent semesters, attendance only in theoretical courses is not required. However, attendance at practical, laboratory and other course-related studies during the semester is required.

The medical report is not counted as attendance.  Only mid-term exams and exams are taken into account in granting the right to make-up exams.

3. Which courses can take make-up exams?

At the end of each semester, students can take the make-up exam for all courses of that semester.

In order to take the make-up exam; It is necessary to develop software for the relevant courses in the academic year in which the exams will be held and to meet the requirements for taking the final exam of these courses. 

Students who cannot take make-up exams are not given the right to take an excuse exam.

It is mandatory to get at least 45 points out of 100 in the make-up exam.

The letter grade of a student who does not take a make-up exam for a course is not calculated, and the final letter grade of the semester remains the same.

Make-up exam grades are taken into account when calculating the semester GPA of students who take the make-up exam.

4. How can I object to my exam score?
Objections and correction applications regarding exam grades and letter grades must be submitted by hand to the department chair by filling out the objection form  within 3 business days following the announcement of the grades  .
5. How can I take the make-up exam? What are my rights?

Students who cannot take the midterm exams due to a justified and valid excuse (death, illness, accident, etc.) are given the right to take the exams they could not take if they document their situation (with a health report obtained from health institutions).

Excuse documents; The make-up exam application form  must be filled out and delivered to the department chair by hand within the first week following the end of  the make-up exam.

A student who does not take the make-up exam is not given a new right.

Make-up exams are only used for midterm exams.

The make-up exam for the midterm exam is held in the last week of the semester.

There is no make-up exam for end-of-semester, make-up and graduation exams.

6. How can I benefit from the Erasmus exchange program?

The Erasmus program is an exchange program that allows university students to study in European countries for 1 or 2 semesters.

In order to gain this right, the student   must pass the selection exam held by the Exchange Programs Coordinator . Courses completed at the host university are considered to have been completed at the faculty of study. You can get detailed information from the exchange programs coordinator  and the Management Information Systems Department coordinator.

7. How can I benefit from the Farabi/Mevlana exchange program?

Farabi exchange program is  a student and faculty member exchange program between universities and advanced technology institutes in Turkey and higher education institutions that provide education at associate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels for one or two semesters.

Mevlana exchange program  is a program that enables student exchange between higher education institutions at home and abroad for at least one and a maximum of two semesters, among higher education institutions all over the world, regardless of geographical region .

The courses that students participating in these programs have taken and passed at the university they attend are also considered to have been completed in the Department of Economics. To apply,  you can follow the Farabi  and  Mevlana  exchange programs websites.

8. How can I benefit from the Double Major Program?

There is no Double Major Program in our department.

9. How can I benefit from the Minor Program?

Minor program; It gives students with a GPA of 2.60 out of 4 (65 out of 100) the opportunity to obtain a minor certificate (which does not replace a diploma) by taking a limited number of courses on a specific subject within the scope of another diploma program within the same higher education institution, in addition to the undergraduate diploma.

Minor training is provided in the Department of Management Information Systems.

Applications must be made at the beginning of the third semester at the earliest and at the beginning of the sixth semester at the latest.

For minor applications,  the student affairs page  should be followed.

10. I need a certified transcript. How can I obtain it?
 You can obtain your approved transcripts by writing to the student affairs department's  e-mail address during the pandemic period.
Is there an internship opportunity in Department 11?

There is no compulsory internship in our department.

Voluntary internships are possible upon request.

You can find information about the internship  at  .