comments of graduates on our department

Hello, I am Hazal Yaşar, I graduated from Karadeniz Technical University, Department of Management Information Systems in 2021. As a Management Information Systems student, I think that seeing both the management discipline and the informatics discipline together has great benefits. Having mainly software courses allows us to find a job much easier in business life. In addition, you can work in the same positions as a computer engineer and software engineer. Particularly, having management courses also helps us to know the company discipline and to be involved in both the management side and the software side while working in a company. Throughout my education, thanks to my teachers at school, I saw management and informatics as an inseparable whole. I see the benefits of this in my current business life. I am currently working as a Software Developer in the field of Artificial Intelligence in the R&D department of a company in the health informatics sector, on a platform with Turkey's largest IT companies. My career goal is to develop myself further, establish my own software company that does international business, and also become a lecturer at a university.

Hello, I am Yasemin YÜRÜK, I graduated from Karadeniz Technical University Management Information Systems in 2021. First of all, I have clearly understood how valuable my department is in my current working life. After my 4-month work experience in the Software department, I have been working in the Graphic Design department for 7 months as of July 2022. The biggest factor why I had no difficulty in transitioning to this department and adapted immediately is that our department provides many job opportunities in both management and informatics fields, thanks to its broad framework, and the infrastructure of all these areas is taught during the training. My current company I am currently working for; It is located on a platform where Turkey's domestic automobiles are produced, which opens great horizons with the support of the governorship. The company where I work in the Graphic Design department is a company that makes developments in the health IT sector with 20-25 employees. My career goal is; My aim is to open a Graphic Design agency by gaining experience in the companies I worked for and to make a brand with my name alone and make my name known abroad. In this way, I will both ensure the development of the Graphic Design industry in our country and bring material and moral values to our country.

Hello, I am Egemen Balcı, I was introduced to programming and algorithms in the Management Information Systems department. In this section, we have seen the methods used in project management as well as programming in our lessons. Thus, when I got a job in this field after graduation, my adaptation process was much faster because I saw the methods and processes used here before. During my education at the university, we used languages such as Python and SQL and carried out various projects with the guidance of our professors. Even though I sometimes wish I had diversified the projects here more, I do not regret that I devoted some of my time to social activities at the university :). Unfortunately, we completed the last 1.5 years with distance education due to the pandemic while we were at university. During this period, since we had a lot of time at home, I started looking for an internship and had the opportunity to do an internship at the cyber security company where I currently work. I did an internship at this company for about 7 months in my last year of university. During my internship, I prepared many phishing scenarios. If I had to talk a little about phishing scenarios, we can say that they are fake e-mails that come to everyone's mailbox, very similar to the original, but designed to measure awareness. The company shares these scenarios with its customers, and the information security team working in those companies can measure their users' awareness of such fake e-mails and report them to their managers. In this way, they can identify the departments and users that are the weakest link in the company and assign them training on the same product. After graduation, the company I worked for liked the scenarios I made and said they could evaluate me on the customer side. I am currently working here full-time as a "Support Engineer". If customers encounter a problem while using the product, I am their first contact and I provide them with support. Cyber security is a really big industry and I am very new to it. I want to improve myself in this field and obtain certificates such as the CEH certificate, which is valid everywhere. In addition, I am trying to improve myself in Unity and C# languages, which have always been my dream and where I spend my free time, and try to make various Hyper-casual games.

Hello, I am Muhammed Raşit Tüzül, I graduated from the Management Information Systems department in 2021 with third place. While the Management Information Systems department provided me with the necessary infrastructure to be involved in the software development process, it also enabled me to learn which methods and decision mechanisms businesses use when running their software processes, why and how they use them. Carrying the theory we acquired beyond this and putting it into practice through the projects we carried out from time to time during the education process helped me adapt to professional life very easily. While I was still continuing my undergraduate program in the first semester of the 4th grade, I started working full-time at a technology company operating in the education and entertainment sector on February 1, 2021. The company I work for develops video games for mobile platforms. I work as a Game Developer in this company, and my responsibilities in this context include contributing to the creation of the software infrastructure of games, programming game mechanics, integrating the outputs of other teams (Sound, drawing, etc.) into games, and developing tools and systems that will facilitate the development activities of other Game Developers. In the future, I aim to develop larger and more entertaining projects and offer video game experiences that more people will enjoy.

Hello, I am Rukiye Bayraktar, KTU YBS 2021 graduate.
As a graduate who has suffered from the pandemic, one of the many things that the MIS department has brought to me is; The department showed me the future and developing technology before I entered the business world. One of my favorite aspects of the department was that the department professors closely followed every new development and shared it with the students instantly. Department professors, who are very communicative and follow each student closely, have designed the department in a way that will inform the student in every field, and this has helped me a lot in the business world in every aspect.
I have been working at a Software & Agency company in Bursa for 2 years. I held many positions within the company, whether it was HR, Executive Assistant or Audit Manager. I used many of the business management tips I learned from the department in all of these areas. I am currently actively working as a creative assistant, helping the R&D department. My career goal is to keep myself up-to-date by following every development in the new technological world at all times, as the department I graduated from taught me, and to climb confidently up in my career. As a MIS graduate, I continue to shape my career with what my department has given me.

 Hello, I am Mehmet Erdem Akın, I discovered the department upon my own research. It acts as a kind of bridge between the Software and Business fields and can easily respond to the changes brought by technological innovations. Especially the course diversity and other opportunities of Karadeniz Technical University, Management Information Systems Department are extremely good. The courses we take from first year to senior year are very diverse and complement each other. We learn various and important lessons, from mobile programming to artificial intelligence, from accounting to marketing. Thanks to this variety of courses, I was introduced to many fields at school and discovered my own field. By adding to the software/applied courses I learned at school, I first found my internship and then my full-time job before graduation. I currently work as a Software Developer at a financial technology company and we develop payment systems and various financial applications there. My career goal is to launch my own initiative in the future and implement various projects and provide high technological added values that will benefit our country and humanity.

Hello, I am Gürhan TEKOĞLU, I improved my competencies and progressed in the field of software by learning, as well as the contribution of courses and projects in various fields such as software, management and economics in the department. I work as a software engineer in the technology company of a global bank, which I joined after gaining internship experiences in various institutions. I aim to continue my education at the master's level in the coming years, increasing my knowledge in software and management fields and contributing to the development of both our country and the world.

Hello, I am Oğuzcan Uzunöner, as part of my department achievements, I gained knowledge about the structures of companies and the basics of software. By using the skills we gained as a result of the courses we took on project management processes on the projects we made for internet-based programming and mobile programming courses, we experienced the design, development and launch of the project in our school life. During the period of our graduation, I started working as an "Associate Developer" within the scope of the internship program at one of Turkey's largest e-commerce sites. I continue on this journey to improve myself.

Hello everyone, I am Mustafa Mert KISA, my Management Information Systems adventure at Karadeniz Technical University in 2018 ended as of the summer of 2022. During our education, we witnessed the increasing value and popularity of the MIS department and believed that we would reap the fruits of this situation after our graduation. In the summer of 2021, I worked as a long-term intern at a company for a blockchain developer position. Later, our paths crossed with a different company and I still continue my position as a blockchain developer. The chain team undertakes the blockchain integrations required for the metaverse application and other web 3.0 projects that our company is developing, and I am a developer in this team. As a career goal, I want to continue as a good developer in this field by taking my technical skills on blockchain technology to the highest level and take part in the construction of decentralized technologies. Throughout my business life, I had the opportunity to meet many MIS graduates in different positions. Since we are an interdisciplinary department, I believe that the courses focused on different competencies we take have triggered different talents for each of us, and I have observed that this has diversified the areas in which we enter the sector. Considering that one of the greatest demands of our age is social skills as well as technical skills, our department provides great advantages to its students at this point.

Hello, I am Şükrücan Cebeci, I am one of the 2022 graduates of our department. During the summer of my 3rd year, I worked as an Intern Data Scientist at the Presidential Çankaya Mansion. In my 4th year, I worked part-time as a Data Analyst in a company operating in the field of E-Commerce. One month before I graduated, I started working full-time as a Data Engineer at a bank operating in Europe and Turkey, and I still continue to do so. I work with this team in the Data Applications Management department to develop CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications, prepare the data of millions of people for storage in the Big Data Warehouse, process them and create artificial intelligence models. As someone who came to my university choice knowing the purpose and objectives of the department, one of the points that satisfied me most was that we had an academic program that always prepared me for the sector and new positions throughout my education process. Thanks to Management Information Systems being a multidisciplinary field, I believe that it is a sea of opportunities where you can take firm steps towards your goals, thanks to the meticulous efforts you will make inside and outside the classroom. You can be sure that our professors and our university are willing to make the necessary effort for you who want to do something. As long as you are curious and willing.

Merhabalar, ben Yasin Beyazlı.I graduated from Karadeniz Technical University Management Information Systems department in 2022. Before entering the department, I used my computer only for games and therefore I was hesitant about whether I could do it. When I think about that day now, I can say that I am glad I chose this department. Thanks to the department and our professors, I decided to move forward in the software field. The various projects we did at school during the education period had a great impact on my progress in the software field. I am currently working as a software engineer in an online food ordering company. My career goal is to work as a CTO in a company and I continue my development for this purpose. I hope you will have a life where your dreams come true with this department.

Hello, I am Burak ŞENTÜRK.
I successfully graduated from Karadeniz Technical University Management Information Systems department in 2022 with the third place in the department. I had work experiences in different institutions throughout my school life. Thanks to these experiences, my desire to learn was increasing day by day. I started doing more research on my department and deciding how and in which field I would improve myself. During my school years, I had an internship experience in the field of Cyber security with a foreign-based company. After graduation, I continued to work with this company and started working as a Support Engineer. I would be happy to see you as individuals who take your career to good heights and do good things in our country.

Hello, I am Asya YILMAZ.
I graduated from Karadeniz Technical University Management Information Systems department in 2022. Our department covers a very wide area. We are needed in many departments of companies. Friends who will choose this department, if you are good with technology and like to research and improve yourself, you are in the right place. You can do all of these in the Management Information Systems department. I gained a lot of experience after my volunteer internship during the pandemic. Then, I did an internship in the field of Cyber security with a foreign-based company. Now, I started working as an IT Support Personnel in a company based abroad. My career goal is to improve myself further and start working as a Project Manager. I hope that you will graduate from this department and make great achievements in your career. I hope you have the opportunity to work in jobs that make you happy throughout your career. I wish you success..