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Presentation of Chemistry Department


The Chemistry Department of the Faculty of Science, located in the Kanuni Campus of the Karadeniz Technical University, conducts teaching and research activities by offering extensive training opportunities. In our department 21 Prof. Dr., 8 Assoc.Prof.Dr., 1 Asst. Prof. Dr., 2 Lect.Dr., 1 Lect., 2 Res.Ass.Dr., 5 Res.Ass. and 7 administrative and technical personnel officiated.


Our department has started the undergraduate education in 1969. The purpose of the chemistry program is to educate chemists equipped to do the task in the production and control phases for the Chemical Industry in Turkey. Chemists are the most needed staffs by industrialized countries. They have job opportunities as the fields of activity are directly related to chemistry in areas such as petroleum products, chemicals, medicine, paint, food, paper, plastics, cleaning materials, cosmetics, fertilizer industry, textiles, gas industry etc. or indirectly in fields such as mining and machinery.


Chemists can work in the three main areas of quality control, production and research and development while working in the specified areas. Depending on their workplace, they are constantly in contact with pharmacists, most engineering fields, and laboratories. In addition, chemists may be able to teach in Primary Schools, High Schools and Training Centers within the scope of Ministry of National Education, as well as with academic and doctoral studies.


The English Preparatory Program is given to formal education students of our department for 1 year by the School of Foreign Languages ​​in the same campus. Students who achieve the qualification exam in the Preparatory Program have the right to receive at least 30% of the courses in English during their undergraduate studies.


The research laboratories in which the post graduate studies are carried out in our department are quite well equipped. Computer support, modern laboratories, renovated technological classrooms and amphitheaters are used in our courses.


There is a perfect environment of social, sportive and educational purposes for students to use on the Kanuni Campus of our university. There are swimming pools, tennis courts, and miniature soccer fields in the coastal facilities under the university.


            Professor Dr. Sevil Savaşkan YILMAZ

                Head of Chemistry Department