KTU in brief

KTU in Brief

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Karadeniz Technical University, which was established on May 20, 1955 and launched education in 1963, provides education in the fields of technical sciences, natural sciences, humanities, and health sciences. In addition, it educates qualified and professional individuals for the future with vocational colleges, which are one of the most important educational institutions that will meet the technical needs of our city, region, and country. Likewise, it prepares highly qualified individuals and academic staff for the future through its graduate schools in line with the needs of Türkiye.

Since its establishment, KTU has been constantly developing and growing as one of the main educational institutions in our country. It has been providing associate, undergraduate, and postgraduate education at international standards with its infrastructure and qualified staff. Through its scientific research and development activities, KTU contributes to both national and international literature and the technological development of our country and region.

Rich and exemplary library, classrooms, and laboratories, equipped with modern and advanced technology, are offered to students with all their facilities. By keeping up with the changing conditions, needs of the information age, and demanding environments, KTU aims to teach our students to reach information in the easiest way, to use the information they have acquired in the best way for the benefit of society and humanity, and to produce new information using this information.

In today's world, in addition to having the knowledge of their job, qualities such as expressing themselves in the best way and being inclined to teamwork are required features. KTU campus and the city of Trabzon are full of opportunities for students in this sense. KTU will contribute a lot to you in terms of being a social individual with its campus full of unique natural beauties, infrastructure for all kinds of cultural, sports, and social activities, student clubs for different interests, and wide recreation areas.

Today, KTU is one of the leading universities in Turkey with 12 faculties, 6 graduate schools, 1 school, and 8 vocational schools. This leading university has a strong academic staff of 2200 people, more than 32 thousand students from 81 provinces and many different countries, and more than 242 thousand graduates. Considering all these, KTU is an ecole with its deep-rooted history, well-established traditions, educational experience, infrastructure, excellent campus, and qualified teaching and research staff.

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