Turkish universities. The department accepted its first students in 1968/69 academic year and commenced education in the Chemistry Department building. In 1969, the Department was renamed to "Institute of Geodesy", and the 80 students that enrolled the department in the first two years studied for 5 years and graduated with an MSc Eng degree as "Harita Yüksek Mühendisi" (literally "Map High Engineer"). In 1970, the institution was made a 4 year, undergraduate degree awarding department, and it was renamed back to "Department of Geodesy". In 1973, the department was renamed to "Department of Geodesy and Photogrammetry" and made part of the newly established Faculty of Earth Sciences. All of the students that have enrolled in 1973 or after, graduated with a Bachelor's Degree as "Harita Mühendisi" ("Map Engineer") after a 4 year long undergraduate education. In 1974, with the initiation of Prof. Dr. Erdoğan Özbenli, the Department Head, the Graduate education section of Department of Geodesy and Photogrammetry was established. This was the first graduate department in KTU. The Department of Geodesy and Photogrammetry was moved to its newly made, own building in 1975. With the 1982 YÖK (Higher Education Council of Turkey) law, the Faculty of Engineering-Architecture was established in KTU and the department was renamed to "Department of Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering" and made part of the Faculty of Engineering-Architecture. In 2001, the English Prepatory Class was established for undergraduate freshmen, and since then at least 30% of the undergraduate courses have been conducted in English. In 2005, the Faculty of Engineering-Architecture split in two, the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Architecture. The Department of Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering joined the Faculty of Engineering. In 2009, YÖK changed the name of the department to "Department of Geomatics Engineering".
Qualification Awarded  
Students who successfully complete the program (240 credits) with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 out of 4.00, who also successfully complete the vocational internship, are awarded a Bachelor's Degree in Geomatics Engineering.
Level of Qualification:  First Cycle Degree  
Mode of Study:  Full Time
Admission & Registration Requirements  
1 - A high school (or equivalent) diploma 2 - A sufficient score from the relevant exam administered by ÖSYM (ÖSS for Turkish citizens, YÖS for international applicants)3 - Sufficient level of English skills (TOEFL 500/IELTS 6/passing the university administered English exemption exam/English Prepatory school)
Recognition of Prior Learning  
In Turkish Higher Education Institutions, including most departments of Karadeniz Technical University, the process for recognition of prior training is still at its beginning stage. However, at the beginning of every semester, two exemption exams are administered, one for English language, one for computer skills.
Qualification Requirements and Regulations  
Students who successfully complete their 4 academic year (8 semesters) long academic program and also the vocational internship earn their Bachelor of Science degree.

Students who have completed at least the first two year portion of their academic program, and who do not want to continue with their studies, can, at their request, get an Associate degree.
Profile of the Programme  
KTU Geomatics Engineering Department is the first of its kind in Turkey. It was established (then as the Department of Geodesy) to satisfy the need for engineers and technical personnel in one of the most important sectors in the country. The Geomatics Engineering has great importance in Public Works projects, especially rural and urban planning projects. Geographic Information Systems, Global Positioning Systems, Remote Sensing have become recently as some of the important subjects in Geomatics Engineering. The Department has had always aimed to educate their students into professionals that can use the modern equipments and have expertise in subjects demanded by public and private sector like surveying, positioning, establishing and using information networks, stakeout surveying, real estate ownerships and relevant legal and technical framework. Our curriculum is devised and regularly updated to achieve this purpose.
Examination, Assessment and Grading Regulations  
For each class, students take a final exam, a midterm exam and complete a 'semester work' which can be a project, seminar, a short exam, homework assignments, or a second midterm. 50% of the final exam score (out of 100), 30% of the midterm score (out of 100) and 20% of the semester work (out of 100) are added to get the final grade. The final exam score of the student has to be at least 45 to not fail. The final grades are converted to final letter grades. At the end of each semester, students can take make-up examination to pass the courses they have failed. They can take at most two make-up exams.
Graduation Requirements  
Students who successfully complete the program (240 credits) with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 out of 4.00, who also successfully complete the senior project and the vocational internship, are awarded a Bachelor's Degree in Geomatics Engineering.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates  
Geomatics/Geodesy Engineers work in public and private institutions that create or make use of maps and map information. In private sector, they usually work in private Geodesy Engineer offices. In public sector, they usually work in several institutions under Ministry of Public Department and Settlement, like the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastral, Bank of Provinces, General directorate of highways, General Directorate of Disaster Affairs; in General Command of Mapping, Turkish State Railways, Housing Development Administration of Turkey, General Directorate for State Hydraulic Works, Turkish Electricity Authority, General Directorate of Mineral Research & Exploration, Turkish Petroleum Corporation, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, General Directorate of Agricultural Reform, Genoral Directorate of Forestry, and Municipalities around Turkey.
Access to Further Studies  
Students with a BS degree who have passed the ALES exam with a sufficient score and who have the required level English language skills can apply and join the department as graduate students.
Contact Information  
Postal Adress  KTÜ Mühendislik Fakültesi, Harita Mühendisliği Bölümü, 61080 / TRABZON
Phone          : 3772707
Fax              : 328 0918
E-Mail          :
Web Adress :
Departmental Facilities : 
Geomatics Engineering Department has its own 3-story building which consists of two blocks. The offices of academic and administrative staff and faculty, the seminar room are in the Western block, whereas the 11 classrooms, the amphitheater, student study rooms, the student club rooms are in the Eastern block. In the building, there is also the Geodesy Museum, the Archive, the Library, and 6 laboratories. The laboratories are
? the GIS Lab,
? the Surveying Lab,
? the Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Lab,
? the Informatics Lab,
? the GPS Lab,
? the IVS Analysis Center;
and they have the most up-to-date equipments.
First Year
CodeCourse TitleECTS H+T+L C/E Lang.
First semester
HRT1001Introduction To Geomatics Engineering52+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
KIM1010Basic Chemistry53+0+1CompulsoryTurkish
MAT1011Mathematics - I54+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
TDB1001Turkish Language - I22+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
YDB1001English - I33+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
First Semester Total :3019+1+2
Second semester
FIZ1002Physics II53+0+1CompulsoryTurkish
HRT1006Engineering Statistics53+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
HRT1008Surveying - II52+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
HRT1010Computer Programming52+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
MAT1008Mathematics - II54+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
TDB1000Turkish Language - II22+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
YDB1002English - II33+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
Second Semester Total :3019+2+1
Second Year
CodeCourse TitleECTS H+T+L C/E Lang.
First semester
HRT2011GNSS Measurements32+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
HRT2013Real Estate Law32+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
HRT2017Numerical Analysis33+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
HRT2033Height Surveying32+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
HRT2035Differential Equations54+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
HRT2037Occupational English22+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
Bölüm Seçmeli I-142+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Bölüm Seçmeli II-142+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Elective Courses
Bölüm Seçmeli I Grubu Dersleri
HRT2001Engineering Mechanics42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
HRT2021.Plate Tectonics42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
HRT2023Fundamentals of Remote Sensing42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
HRT2025ELECTRONIC SURVEYING42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Bölüm Seçmeli II Grubu Dersleri
BIY2019Molecular Biology42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
HRT2007Web Programming42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
HRT2009Industrial Mathematics42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
First Semester Total :3022+3+0
Second semester
HRT2008Field Application41+3+0CompulsoryTurkish
HRT2012Computer Aided Mapping32+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
HRT2018Digital Image Processing22+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
HRT2038Geodetic Surveying32+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
MAT2020Engineering Mathematics54+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
SBP2014Regional and Urban Planning22+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
Bölüm Seçmeli III-142+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Bölüm Seçmeli IV-142+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Elective Courses
Bölüm Seçmeli III Grubu Dersleri
HRT2020Special Topics in Height Determination42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
HRT2026Hydrographic Surveying42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Bölüm Seçmeli IV Grubu Dersleri
HRT2028Introduction to Remote Sensing42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
HRT2030Database Management Systems42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
HRT2032Earthquake Geology42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
HRT2034SOIL MECHANICS42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
HRT2036Environmental Chemistry42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Second Semester Total :3019+6+0
Third Year
CodeCourse TitleECTS H+T+L C/E Lang.
First semester
HRT3001Adjustment Calculus - I42+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
HRT3005Land Management42+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
HRT3009Remote Sensing42+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
HRT3013Photogrammetry - I42+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
HRT3015Geodesy - I42+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
HRT3019Phyiscal Geodesy22+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
Bölüm Seçmeli VI-142+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Bölüm Seçmeli V-142+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Elective Courses
Bölüm Seçmeli VI Grubu Dersleri
HRT3033BULDING SCIENCE42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
HRT3035Hydraulic Structures42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Bölüm Seçmeli V Grubu Dersleri
HRT3021Infrastructure Cadastre42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
HRT3023Cadastral Applications42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
HRT3025Land Management Practices in Protected Areas42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
HRT3027Engineering Economy 42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
First Semester Total :3016+5+0
Second semester
HRT3002Project Planning32+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
HRT3006Geodesy - II32+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
HRT3008Land Consolidation42+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
HRT3012Adjustment Calculus - II32+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
HRT3014Photogrammetry - II32+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
HRT3016Laser Scanning Technology22+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
Bölüm Seçmeli VII-142+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Bölüm Seçmeli VIII-142+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Bölüm Seçmeli IX-142+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Elective Courses
Bölüm Seçmeli VII Grubu Dersleri
HRT3020Digital Photogrammetry42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
HRT3022Photogrammetric Computer Vision42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
HRT3024Synthetic Aperture Radar42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
HRT3026Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Applications42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Bölüm Seçmeli VIII Grubu Dersleri
HRT3010Coordinate Systems42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
HRT3028Geodetic Networks42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
HRT3030Statistical Analysis of Geodetic Data42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Bölüm Seçmeli IX Grubu Dersleri
HRT3036Title Deed Aplications42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
HRT3038.Cadastral Data and Its Implementation42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
HRT3040Legal Process Based on Immovable42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Second Semester Total :3018+5+0
Fourth Year
CodeCourse TitleECTS H+T+L C/E Lang.
First semester
AITB4001History of Revolution and Ataturk' s Princip.22+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
Bölüm Seçmeli X-142+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Bölüm Seçmeli XI-142+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Bölüm Seçmeli XII-142+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Elective Courses
Bölüm Seçmeli X Grubu Dersleri
HRT4039Time Series Analysis42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Bölüm Seçmeli XI Grubu Dersleri
Bölüm Seçmeli XII Grubu Dersleri
HRT4043Remote Sensing with Hyperspectral Images42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
HRT4045Remote Sensing Applications42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
First Semester Total :3014+6+0
Second semester
HRT 406Engineering Ethic32+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
HRT 432Worker Health And Work Safety42+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
ISL 402Labour Law32+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
MSL 402Professional Training - II40+2+0CompulsoryTurkish
Bölüm Eski Seçmeli III-142+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Bölüm Eski Seçmeli IV-142+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Elective Courses
Bölüm Eski Seçmeli III Grubu Dersleri
SEC 438Geodetic Instruments42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
SEC 440Special Topics in Height Determination42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
SEC 442Mining Surveying42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
SEC 448GPS Applications42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
SEC 450Uses for GPS42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Bölüm Eski Seçmeli IV Grubu Dersleri
SEC 422.42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
SEC 424Infrastructure Cadastre42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
SEC 426Zoning Implementations in Built Up Areas42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
SEC 428Land Compensation Technique42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
SEC 430.Cadastral Data and Its Implementation42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
SEC 436City Information Systems42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Second Semester Total :2810+8+0