Our Project Submitted By Our Center Within The Scope Of The Cross-Border Cooperation Program in The Black Sea Basin Was Supported


'Transnational Technology Transfer Network for Black Sea Basin', prepared and presented by KTU Technology Transfer Center within the scope of the Interreg NEXT Cross-Border Cooperation Program in the Black Sea Basin, is selected among 151 projects and awarded funding of € 498,120.00.  

Thanks to the cooperation between regional actors in the Black Sea Basin within the scope of the project with an 18-month implementation calendar to be carried out under the coordination of KTU, we aim that

- Creating sustainable transnational network structures
- Developing research and innovation capacities
- Contribute to strengthening the advanced and innovative technology transfer network beyond national borders.

We would like to thank all our institutions and organizations that contributed to bringing European Union funds to our country, specifically for the INTERREG NEXT Black Sea Basin Program, aimed at strengthening the ties between participating countries in the field of research and innovation, and our teammates who contributed to the preparation of the project.

05 February 2024