TUBİTAK 2232 - B International Fellowship for Early Stage Researchers

Technology Transfer Application Research Center

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Program Name

2232 - B International Fellowship for Early Stage Researchers

Grant Provider


Project Aim

In order to contribute to the projects to be carried out in research areas of strategic importance for our country, it is aimed to encourage 'young researchers under the age of 40', especially Turkish scientists who have distinguished themselves with their high-level scientific and/or technological studies in their fields and who have experience working abroad, to come to Turkey from abroad and to provide support for them to continue their studies in Turkey's leading state or foundation higher education institutions, research infrastructures qualified under 6550, public research institutes, private sector organizations with R&D or design centers or capital companies located in Turkey within technoparks.


*The support base score will be determined separately for researchers working in the field of artificial intelligence, and researchers working in this field will be given an advantage.


Who Can Apply?


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Associate / Partner /





  • Researchers who will apply to the program must be working abroad and must not be over 40 years old as of the first day of the application.
  • Researchers who will apply to the program must not have been in Turkey for more than 6 months in the last 3 years as of the first day of the application. Force majeure and compulsory military service are excluded from this period.
  • As of the first day of the application, any of the following work experience must be provided.
  • Early career researchers who have completed their PhD within the last 4 years and have at least 1 year of postdoctoral work experience abroad
  • Researchers applying from the private sector who have 4 years of post-graduate full-time working experience, at least 1 year of which must be in the private sector (Maximum 1 year of master's degree with thesis completed abroad or maximum 3 years of doctoral education completed abroad is considered in this context).
  • Researchers with the above-mentioned work experience must meet one of the following conditions
  • Being on the "Most Cited Researchers List" published by Thomson Reuters in any of the last three years as of the first day of application:
  • Having worked for at least 12 months without interruption in an institution in one of the following rankings in any of the last 5 years as of the first day of the application, and having worked in the top 150 universities in the rankings made on the basis of field within the scope of QS (QuacquarelliSymonds) or THE (Times HigherEducation) World University Rankings.
  • The Top 2500 Companies Spending the Most on R&D in the World published by the European Commission Joint Research Center
  • Top 250 institutions in the health - higher education - public - private sub-fields of the Scimago Institutions ranking
  • Most Invested Successful Start-Up and Unicorn Companies
  • CBInsights' list of "Unicorn" companies that have grown from startup level to a valuation of USD 1 billion or more
  • According to Crunchbase and CBInsights databases, the top 1000 companies that were founded in the last 5 years and received the most investments in the last 5 years


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Support Rate

100% if the host institution is a public university.

Project Time

The duration of support is at least 24 months and at most 36 months for the project.


April 30, 2024, Time: 17.30

How to Apply?

  • Applications are made online via the TYBS system within the dates announced in the call announcement.
  • Before applying, the application conditions and the evaluation method and process should be read carefully (see: Call Announcement Article 3 and Article 6).
  • Documents to be uploaded to the application system must be in Turkish or English. Certified Turkish or English translations of documents prepared in other languages must be uploaded.

Features of the Program

  • The support items provided under these programs are as follows;
  • Scholarship for the executive
  • Family living expense scholarship for the executive's spouse or child, if any
  • Research start-up package allowance
  • Research project support
  • Support for the formation of a research team (stipend expenses for a maximum of five fellows in total, consisting of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to be included in the research team for the research to be conducted in Turkey)
  • PTI to be given to researchers who will take part in the research Project
  • Institutional Share to the host institution/organization
  • Health insurance support for the executive and their spouse and children
  • Travel support for the executive and their spouse and children
  • Mentoring support

Detailed Information / Guide