frequently asked questions

1) How can I apply to study as an exchange student at Karadeniz Technical University within the framework of Erasmus Programme?

The students have to contact with the responsible person for incoming Erasmus students. For the contact details please click here. 

2) What is the application deadline of incoming Erasmus students for Karadeniz Technical University?

It is June 1 for the autumn semester and December 1 for spring semester.

Incoming Erasmus students visiting Ataturk's Pavillion with their buddies from ESN Trabzon


3) Does KTU offer accommodation for incoming Erasmus students?

Yes, Karadeniz Technical University offers accommodation for incoming Erasmus students. For detailed information please click here.

4) How can I have information about the courses offered for incoming Erasmus students?

For detailed information about the courses please click here.  

Incoming Erasmus students visiting Sumela Monastery in Trabzon


5) Does KTU offer any kind of buddy system for incoming Erasmus students?

Yes, KTU offers buddy system through the local branch of Erasmus Student Network named as ESN Trabzon. For detailed information please click here.      

6) Does KTU offer any facilities for the incoming Erasmus students with special needs?

Yes partly, for detailed information please click here.


Incoming Erasmus students watching a basketball match of a local team in Trabzon


7) Does KTU offer Turkish language courses free of charge for incoming Erasmus students?

Yes, KTU offers Turkish language courses for incoming Erasmus students completely free. 

8) Can you give me information about the visa procedures of Turkey for incoming Erasmus students?

In order to get a student visa, incoming students are supposed to contact with the consulate of Turkey in their home country. In addition to this, students can also apply for visa completely online. Please check this web page to have more information about online visa procedures.


Incoming Erasmus students attending a dinner with their buddies from ESN Trabzon