M4- Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights;

  • Determining academician inventions and innovation focused studies
  • Providing preliminary research services
  • Arranging Confidentiality Agreements and Intellectual Property Rights contracts
  • Arranging application processes of national and international Patent/ Utility Model / Design Application and controlling the registraton process
  • Arranging the contact and coordination among Turkish Patent and Trademark Office inventions and application owners
  • Organizing seminars and trainings for target groups to create awareness and to inform on Intellectual Property Rights
  • Publishing Patent/ Utility Model/ Design Introduction brochures
  • Organizing “Patent Days,” “Patent Appointment System” etc. events for the target groups
  • Announcing the inventions of the academicians through the “Patent Promotion and Licencing Catalogue”
  • Organizing B2B (Business to Business) interviews with the leading private sector investors and public institutions to ensure that inventions that can be commercialized are accessible to the investors
  • Providing online portal login support to access Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights
  • Supporting the licencing and the commercialization process.