M3- University- Industry Cooperation Services;

  • Providing support to academicians and the industrial world in Preparing R&D projects, conducting, proving support during the monitoring phase of these projects and coordinating administrative, financial and technical processes of these projects (TUBITAK TEYDEB, HORIZON, KOSGEB KOSME Programs etc.)
  • Identifying academic studies according to the needs of the sector, guiding to relevant sectors, evaluating open calls for national and international grant programs for R&D projects to be prepared
  • Visiting companies to detect industrialists R&D demands, preparing a needs analysis to evaluate R&D capacities of the industrialists (innovation cards etc.)
  • Ensuring collaborations in the area of university- industry through partnering of companies and academicians
  • Coordinating contracted R&D projects financed by the industrialists
  • Creating work environments with one-to-one sector representatives through the “contact offices” in Organized Industrial Zones
  • Providing consultancy services to sectors during the application and management processes of R&D Center and Design Center
  • Organizing platforms for university- industry meeting days
  • Partnering of students and companies by detecting masters and PhD thesis subjects according to the needs of the companies.