M1- Awareness, Promotion, Information and Educational Services;

  • Raising awaress on target audiences and promoting KTU-TTM’s structure and model actions in local, regional, national and international fields by producing publicity materials, written and visual media
  • Compiling and publishing bulletins, catalogues, brochures, posters, etc.
  • Organizing activities of Project, Intellectual Property, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Technology Management, etc.that are within the KTU-TTM portfolio
  • Creating databases for academicians and companies
  • Announcing all university supported projects with congratulatory publications
  • Announcing academician and student projects, project markets/ competitions and etc. to all our shareholders in the city and the region
  • Informing “contact offices” on TTM activities
  • Forming thematic study group of academicians and preparing thematic area R&D work catalogues