information on the institution - internationalisation

Since its establishment, Karadeniz Technical University has been heavily involved in international cooperation. Over the past few years, however, it has realised an enormous increase in international activities involving staff and student exchanges with universities in Japan, Central Asian Turkic Republics, United States and many countries in Europe.

Karadeniz Technical University, which is one of the first universities in Turkey to join the Socrates-Erasmus program, matched with Gent University in Belgium, obtained Erasmus charter in 2003 (Charter No: 221082-IC-1-2003-1-TR-ERASMUS-EUCX-1). Since then, the number of bilateral agreements and the number of outgoing and incoming exchange students have increased steadily. The main aim is to receive as many students as we send abroad. Therefore, the university tries its utmost to help the incoming students to make their stay here exciting and rewarding. Believing that it may take quite a while for anyone to get used to the new environment, all incoming Erasmus students are matched with a Turkish host whose role is to help his/her counterpart feel at home.