information on the institution - ECTS credit allocation

ECTS credits for each course included in a study programme was calculated based on true student workload. This includes: 

- setting up the objectives and learning outcomes of each course in the programme
- determining the activities to be carried out to achieve the outcomes on semester-basis
- estimating the in-class and out-class time required to complete these activities by 
(1) asking the course directors (lecturers / instructors) 
(2) carrying out questionnaires with the successful students upon their completion of each course 
(3) getting the average value excluding the outliers to achieve a more reliable estimate
- summing up the total times required for each course in the programme to determine the true workload for a semester, which is around 750-800 hours per semester considering 17 week- long term including the exam period
- distributing the calculated total time proportionally between each course to calculate its ECTS credit

This gives about 25 hours of workload per ECTS credit. The student workload in the faculties of Medicine and especially Dentistry, however, is much higher than this value due to extensive laboratory and clinical exercises as well as dental model production exercises in the latter.