information on the institution - assessment methods

The study programmes are made up of two terms, each with a duration of 15 weeks of teaching period followed by two weeks of end-of-term exam period. The eighth week of each term is spared for mid-term exams. Attendance to courses and laboratories is compulsory. However, students have the right to miss 30% of theoretical courses and 20% of laboratory- and practical works. Students are required to attend a mid-term and an end-of-term exam. They are also required to complete a term work made up of quizzes, practicals and take-home-works, which are announced within the first week of each semester. 

Marking of exam papers, quizzes, home works and practical works is made out of 100. The final score is calculated as the sum of 30%, 20% and 50% of the scores obtained from the mid-term exam, the term work and end-of-term exam, respectively. The final score is then converted into letter grades and ECTS grades based on the following table.

Scores of 45 or less from the final exam mean fail regardless of the scores obtained from the mid-term exam and term work. To have a pass from a course, students are required to have a local letter grade of at least CC. Grade DC also means pass subjected to the condition that the CGPA of the student for that specific semester is at least 2.0. Otherwise the course needs be repeated. Unsuccessful students are given a second chance for two courses per semester (four courses for the entire academic year), provided that they select and register on-line for these courses within the announced dates.