information on the institution - academic guidance

Each new coming student is provided with an academic contact within the department the students has enrolled. The contact point is in essence academic advisors for students. They are available to the students throughout the program for discussion, brain storming, advice, etc.. Every faculty member has a number of student advisees, and their activities in counseling include the following:

- Checking the student’s registrations for courses at the beginning of each semester based on their academic success to make sure that they will have no difficulty in following the courses they have already enrolled. The advisor has the right to delete any courses in the list prepared by the advisee student if the total contact hours for the selected courses exceed 40 hours per week.

- Advising the student which courses to select and which ones to leave behind or drop while registering for any new semester, if the student has failed courses in the previous year

- Being available by appointment as a resource to discuss educational and related issues, problems and solutions.

- Consultation with the faculty advisor as an educational resource is particularly useful when decisions and choices are expected such as selection of practicum options and placement, selection of courses and discussion of outside department courses. The students also are free to consult with any other faculty member.