Internationalization Policy

Our University, in line with its goal of branding through internationalization, believes that providing its students with the opportunity to study at a university integrated into the world will enable them to graduate with the competencies required by the globalizing world. In this sense, the following strategic goals are planned to be achieved:

International Recognition: This goal, which constitutes the planning stage to increase the international profile, collaborations and visibility of our university, includes international conferences organized/to be held, international fairs attended, institutions abroad visited, speakers invited from abroad and all other International promotional activities. Increasing these activities constitutes one of the most important steps for internationalization.

International Accessibility: It covers the activities of planning the strategy of taking the necessary steps so that our university can be preferred by international students and academics.

Internationalization of Education and Research: Our university's place in university rankings, accreditation by international organizations, internationalization of the curriculum, opening joint programs, developing existing international collaborations, establishing new international partnerships, realizing international research projects, international exchange programs and students' study abroad experience encompasses their activities and goals.

Internationalization of the Campus: It covers the activities and objectives of giving priority to social, sportive, educational and academic activities that will provide an international learning/life experience on the campus, where the entire KTU family, including its students, faculty and administrative staff, is located.