Our department was established in 1992 within the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. With its ever-developing infrastructure, academic and administrative staff; IR department provides to 60 students studying in the program in %100 English, 120 students at the undergraduate level, who are entitled to study in our department every year, with %30 English and Preparatory Program compulsory. In our department, 3 Professors, 5 Associate Professors, 4 Assistant Professor, 3 Lecturers and 7 Research Assistants continue to work as a full-time academic personnel. In addition to the undergraduate program, postgraduate education in a wide range of fields is carried out with the %30 and %100 English Master programme. Also there is a Ph.D. Programme in IR and “Security and Terrorism” programme that is supported by YOK scholarships.

Our aim is to support our students with the best knowledge in order to train experts in the field of IR, as well as to equip them with the skills to critically and analytically examine the history and understanding the functions of international system. Our department courses are supported by academicians who are experts in their fields, along with English language education. One of the main duties of our department is to raise individuals who are successful in human relations and have representative qualities in the international arena.

Students graduating from the Department of International Relations can turn to employment areas that are suitable for them in a wide range of employment. Graduates of our department can work in international organizations, various levels of diplomacy, other public institutions and organizations, non-governmental organizations, media sector, financial institutions, domestic and foreign multinational enterprises, as well as take part in academia.