1) How can I apply for KTÜYÖS? 
KTÜYÖS exam applications are taken online either in Turkish or English languages.

2) What should I do if I forget my password?
Please send your password to your e-mail by clicking the button “Forgot Password” on the login page.

3) What are the requirements to take the exam?
Please visit the Application Requirement section to see your eligibility.

4) How can I reach the address of the exam centre?
Please visit our webpage to find out your Exam Entry Document on the dates announced.

5) Can I apply with another exam result rather than KTÜYÖS?
Please check the Application Requirements section to find the relevant information about the particular exams accepted by KTU.

6) What should I do if the exam payment is not confirmed?
If the payment is not approved in a week after you complete the process by using the given IBAN available on our webpage, please send an e-mail attached a screenshot of the detailed bank receipt to ktuyos@ktu.edu.tr.

7) How can I access information about the Exam Centres?
Please visit our webpage to be informed about the Exam Centres on the announced dates.

8) Why am I supposed to select 3 exam centres?
If any examination centre is preferred by less than 20 people, the centre will be cancelled. So, applicants are supposed to take the exam in their second/third choice of exam centre.

9) What should I do after the exam payment?
You can follow the process by logging into the system. You are recommended to ensure your approval by checking your personal page until you see "Your payment has been approved". Then, please visit our webpage to access and print your Exam Entry Document on the dates announced.

10) Can I choose any language for the exam?
Applicants can take the KTÜYÖS exam in Turkish, Arabic, English or Persian languages. You are supposed to choose a language during the registration. If needed, any update in language preference is also possible after the registration.

11) How many questions is the KTÜYÖS exam consisted of?
KTÜYÖS exam is a multiple-choice test that consisted of 80 questions with 5 options. Incorrect answer in the test will not cancel correct answers out. Therefore, you are recommended to answer all questions.

12) What is the duration of the KTÜYÖS exam?
The duration of the exam is 120 minutes (2 hours).

13) Which subjects does the KTÜYÖS exam cover?
Please check the table below to see the relevant topics:

Rational and Decimal Numbers
Exponential and Root Numbers
Absolute Value and Inequalities
First Order Equations with an Unknowns and Inequalities
Ratio and Proportion
Basic Operations Related to Clusters
Function, Inverse Function
Logarithms, Trigonometric Relations, Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Limits and Continuity
Derivatives and Applications
Complex numbers
Indefinite Integral
Certain Integrals and Applications
Matrices and Linear Equation Systems
Concepts such as Point, Distance and Line in Plane Analytic Geometry
Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Circle, Circle, Polygon, Angle in Regular Polygon, Length, Area
Rotation, Translation and Symmetry in Shapes
Number-Shape Relationship
Pattern in Number, Shape, Letter Sequences
Basic Mathematical Operations in Letter and Shaped Equations
Problems with cube opening, cube faces
Paper Folding-Cutting
Three Dimensional Shapes and Different View Problems
Graphic Interpretation and Table Reading
Logical Reasoning Problems
Questions Based on a Given Rule / Knowledge
Logic Questions Related to Basic Mathematical Operations