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    KTÜ Application Terms

    Who is accepted to the Undergraduate and Graduate programs? Who may apply through exams? You can find answers to questions like this here.


    Official Text Regarding Examination Fees

    You can find the official letter of the T.C. The Higher Education Council concerning the application fee for international registration here.


    2012-2013 Education Fees

    Papers about the education fees for foreign students accepted for the 2012-2013 year.

1) Can registrations be made individually?

KTUYOS exam applications are taken completely online in Turkish or English.


2) I forgot my password, what should I do?

 You can send your password to your e-mail by clicking the Forgot Password button under the login page.


3) What are the conditions required to take the exam?

You can learn from the application conditions link.


4) How can I find out the address of the place where I will take the exam?

You can learn the exam addresses from the Entry Documents on the date the exam entry documents are announced.


5) Do you accept students with other exams?

You can find information about the exams accepted by Karadeniz Technical University on the Application Requirements address


6) My payment has not been confirmed, what should I do?

If your payment is not approved 1 week after you make your payment to the IBAN numbers on our site, take a photo of the detailed receipt you have received from the bank and send us an e-mail at, the necessary investigations will be made and a return will be provided to you.


7) What are the tuition fees of foreign students?

You can examine the contributions published by KTU in 2012-2013. Contributions 2012-2013


8) I paid the exam fee but it is still not approved, what should I do?

Exam fee control is carried out at regular intervals. It is approved at least 1 week after payment. If it is still not confirmed, please send us your situation via the contact form.


9) How many questions does the KTUYOS exam consist of and will wrong answers take the right?

There are 80 questions. Each question is multiple choice questions consisting of 5 choices. Wrong answers will not affect correct answers (wrong does not remove right). Therefore, candidates are recommended to answer all questions.


10) What subjects does the KTUYOS exam cover?

The exam is 120 minutes and covers "Basic Learning Skills". It consists of questions aiming to measure the candidates' abstract thinking abilities and mathematics questions. Detailed information is given below.



• Rational and Decimal Numbers

• Exponential and Root Numbers

Absolute Value and Inequalities

• First Order Equations with an Unknowns and Inequalities

• Ratio and Proportion

• Factorization

Basic Operations Related to Clusters

• Polynomials

Function, Inverse Function

Logarithms, Trigonometric Relations, Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Limits and Continuity

• Derivatives and Applications

• Complex numbers

• Indefinite Integral

Certain Integrals and Applications

• Matrices and Linear Equation Systems

• Concepts such as Point, Distance and Line in Plane Analytic Geometry

Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Circle, Circle, Polygon, Angle in Regular Polygon, Length, Area



Rotation, Translation and Symmetry in Shapes

• Number-Shape Relationship

• Pattern in Number, Shape, Letter Sequences

Basic Mathematical Operations in Letter and Shaped Equations

Problems with cube opening, cube faces

• Paper Folding-Cutting

• Three Dimensional Shapes and Different View Problems

Graphic Interpretation and Table Reading

• Logical Reasoning Problems

• Logical Reasoning Problems

• Questions Based on a Given Rule / Knowledge

• Logic Questions Related to Basic Mathematical Operations


11) Where are the Exam Centers?

You can find the exam centers from the CENTERS link.


12) I entered my information incorrectly during registration, how can I correct it?

You can make changes on the "My Personal Information" page by logging into the system. Your right to change this will remain open until April 1.


13) Why are 3 test centers selected?

If less than 20 people are selected for the examination center, the center will be closed. And the people who choose this center will take the exam in their second choice.


14) I made my payment. What should I do now?

You can see information about your processes from the first screen opened by logging into the system. Once your payment is approved, you will see the text "Your payment has been approved on ..." on the screen. And then, by following the countdown for the next process, the Exam Entry Document, you can print your exam entry document when the relevant day comes.


15) In which languages ​​is the exam conducted?

KTUYOS exam; It will be held in TURKISH, ARABIC, ENGLISH and FARSI. You can make your language preference while registering to the system, and you can update it by logging into the system after registration.