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    Official Text Regarding Examination Fees

    You can find the official letter of the T.C. The Higher Education Council concerning the application fee for international registration here.


    2012-2013 Education Fees

    Papers about the education fees for foreign students accepted for the 2012-2013 year.



Candidates can apply to KTÜYÖS online between 01February - 11 June 2020 23:59.

Candidates who will apply to KTÜYÖS must firstly complete their "registration" procedure at https://www.ktu.edu.tr/fse. For this, they can register by clicking the "Register" link in the menu on the left side of the related page and filling in the information requested in the "KTÜYÖS Registration Form" on the page.

Candidates must have a valid e-mail address and mobile phone number for registration. The e-mail requested in the candidate application form must belong to the candidate and this e-mail should not be used for correspondence / action on behalf of other candidates.

An photo of the candidate must be attached to the relevant field on the candidate application form. Since this photo will appear on the Exam Entry Document and Exam Result Document, the candidate must be easily identified, with an open face and front view taken within the last three months. A photo taken in this way must be uploaded to the system in jpeg format. On the exam day, there should be no change in the appearance features in this photo that may play an important role in recognition. It should be kept in mind that if the Head of the Hall has difficulty in determining the identity of the candidate from the photograph, the candidate may not take the exam.

During the application period, an activation link will be sent to the e-mail addresses of the candidates who carefully fill in the Candidate Application Form online at http://ktu.edu.tr/fse for pre-registration. KTÜYÖS No, username and password will be sent to users who activate their accounts by clicking the link.

Candidates are given a "Candidate Number" only once. The Candidate Number should be kept carefully by the candidate, as it will be required both for this exam and for all transactions and correspondence with KTU. Petitions without a candidate number will not be processed.

After this stage, candidates will move on to the "Payment and Registration Confirmation" stage.


Making Payments and Confirmation of  Records


Candidates who have completed the pre-registration process are required to pay the KTÜYÖS fee to the bank and account numbers stated in the table below by 1April - 11June 2020 23:59, using the candidate number given to them.

Candidates who will apply for the exam from abroad will be able to deposit the exam fee through a correspondent bank or banks conducting international transactions. Some banks may charge you for this process. Please make your payment by taking this situation into consideration when making your payment.

Candidates can also pay the Exam Application Fee from these banks to the bank account given below using money order, EFT or internet banking.

During the payment of the exam fee, the candidates must write their “KTÜYÖS and KTÜYÖS NO” information in the explanation section of the bank receipt and make the payment. After the money sent by the candidates are transferred and transferred to the account, they are approved by the KTÜYÖS coordinator and the payment process is completed in this way.

The explanation parts of some payments cannot be approved because they cannot be determined. In order to avoid such a situation, especially inform your bank. In such a case, the user should send the Detailed Receipt from the bank to the address ktuyos@ktu.edu.tr with the KTÜYÖS number. Payment can only be confirmed in this way.

Before leaving the bank branch, candidates who have deposited the exam fee must carefully examine the bank receipt given to them, and if there is any mistake in their information, they must have it corrected before leaving the bank.

Candidates' applications will be finalized after the information they have paid for the exam application fee is checked in the relevant bank accounts and approved by the KTÜYÖS Coordinator.

Candidates must not send special checks, money in envelopes, postal checks and the like for the Exam Application Fee.

The exam fee must be calculated from the money that the bank will receive as an expense.

All the responsibility of the consequences arising from the mistakes in the information to be entered in the candidate application form belongs. Identity information fields of the form should be written without altering or abbreviating the identity information in the candidate's passport.

After all information is uploaded to the system, candidates should complete the registration to the system by obtaining information.


The applicant is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in KTÜ YÖS exam applications over the Internet. İf student have not required conditions, students accept failedIn addition, the application cancellation plan for the applications where the information submitted by the candidates and approved in the online application does not match the information in the documents submitted during the final registration to the KTÜYÖS exam they have chosen.Given  exam fee cannot be transferred to the following years. Those who give up applying when asked about the application fee, whose application is deemed ongoing, who did not take or cannot take the exam, who were not taken or dismissed from the exam, who failed the exam, or those who made more than one payment for the same procedure for the exam that do not require a fee, will not be refunded.


Preparation of Exam Entrance Document


After the application of the candidate is approved by the KTÜYÖS Coordinatorship at KTÜ, all the information (Exam language, address and contact information of the exam center) of the candidates who are eligible to enter the exam are entered into the system from the User Login link http://ktu.edu.tr/fse can be viewed, information and the Exam Entry Document can be printed. The building and the hall where the candidate will take the exam will be stated on the Exam Entry Document.

Candidates must have this document with them while coming to the exam. Those who have lost the Exam Entry Document can re-issue these documents by re-logging into the system with their Candidate Number.




Exam Language and Content


Turkey and KTÜYÖS exam booklet will select candidates according to the species as fully supervised outside the examination centers in GERMAN, RUSSIAN, ARABIC, FARSI and ENGLISH will be made.

Basic Learning Skills Test will be applied in KTUYOS.

The Basic Learning Skills Test consists of 80 questions, questions aiming to measure the opinions of the candidates and math questions. This test has very little reliance on language, however the questions have Turkish and English explanations. The test duration for the Basic Learning Skills Test is 120 minutes.

All questions in the question booklet are "multiple choice" type questions. Five different options are given for each question, one of which is the answer to the question.



Rules to be followed in the Exam


Exam, 7 July 2021 KTÜYÖS day coordination centers designated by the hour in local time in Turkey as of 14: 00 hours, but in other countries will be held in the corresponding hours.

Candidates who are eligible to take the exam; While coming to the exam, they must have their passport with the Exam Entry Document and a photocopy of the passport's identity page with them.

Candidates will be taken to the exam hall by checking their identity 1 hour before the exam on the day of the exam. Testing, Turkey local time 14 will begin  and will be made in a single session. It is extremely important for the candidates to be in front of the building where the exam will be held at least one hour before in order to be taken to the exam halls on time.

Candidates are required to carry a soft-tipped pencil (s), eraser, pencil sharpener with them while coming to the exam.

It is strictly forbidden for candidates to carry all kinds of audio and video recording tools, mobile phones and calculators with them during the exam.

Candidates will be given 120 minutes of exam time for the Basic Learning Skills Test consisting of 80 questions.

Answers must be marked on the "Answer Sheet". No additional time will be given for markings. The answers marked on the Question Booklet will be considered invalid.

It is against the rules of the exam for candidates to speak, cheat and cheat during the exam. Exams of candidates who are found to behave in any way will be deemed invalid.

At the end of the exam, each candidate will deliver the question booklet and answer sheet he uses to the hall staff.

The answer sheets of the candidates whose exams are deemed invalid because they do not comply with the exam rules or do not submit the required documents at the end of the exam will not be evaluated and the Exam Result Document will not be issued for these candidates.



Evaluation and Announcement of Exam Results


The correct and incorrect answers given by the candidates to the questions in the test to be applied in KTUYOS will be counted separately. The questions will be weighted according to the answers given by all candidates, and the scoring of the correct answers given by each candidate will be calculated.

Candidates will be able to learn their exam results online at http://yos.ktu.edu.tr by logging into the system.

Every candidate who takes the exam and whose exam is deemed valid, will be able to print a print out of the Exam Result Document.

Exam Result Document will be required during the final registration to Karadeniz Technical University foreign student quotas.

In the exam, wrong questions will not take away the right questions.


Objection Period for Exam Results


It is four (4) business days from the announcement of the exam results on the university website.

Candidates can appeal with the receipt they receive after depositing the Appeals Evaluation Fee of 100 TL (or equivalent can be USD or EUR) to any of the bank accounts at http://yos.ktu.edu.tr/index.php?s=6. They have to submit their petitions to KTUYOS Coordinatorship by individual application, mail, fax or e-mail (after the signed petitions are scanned).

Objections are decided within five (5) working days at the latest by the Examination Examination Committee for Objections to Exam Results after the objection period is over and the candidates are informed.




The exact quotas allocated to KTU programs will be announced on the Quotas page after the approval of the Higher Education Council (YÖK).

The admission, evaluation and final registration procedures of the candidates to KTU programs are carried out entirely by the KTU Student Affairs Office. KTÜYÖS Coordinator is only authorized to do KTUYÖS. Candidates should contact the Registrar's Office in Trabzon, Karadeniz Technical University, Kanuni Campus for admission, evaluation and final registration to KTU programs.



Candidates must meet at least one of the conditions stated in the table below. Since the KTÜYÖS Basic Skills Exam is held within our university, the exams of the students to be accepted from abroad by other universities will not be taken into consideration.


1-) KTÜYÖS Basic Skills Test - Getting at least 40 standard points.


2-) SAT I exam - Getting at least 1000 total points and at least 500 math points.


3-) GCE (A level) exam - Having A level in at least 3 subjects, at least one of which is related to the program applied.


4-) Tawjihi exams held in Jordan and Palestine - Having at least 80 exam grade points from all courses in Scientific Stream.


5-) International Baccalaureate Diploma - Having a diploma grade of at least 28.


6-) ABITUR exam - Getting at least 4 points.


7-) ACT (American College Test) exam - To get at least 21 points as science reasoning, math and total score.


8-) Baccalaureat Libanais exam held in Lebanon - Having a diploma grade of at least 65 out of 100 in the Scientific Stream.


9-) University entrance exam (Gaokao) held in the People's Republic of China - To get at least 500 points out of 750 in the score type of the applied program.


10-) Al-Shahada-Al Thanawiyya (Baccalaureate) exam held in Syria - To get a score of at least 185 out of 240 in the Scientific Stream for Engineering Faculty Departments and at least 170 for other departments.


11-) International Science Olympics recognized and attended by TÜBİTAK - To have gold, silver and bronze medals


12-) Al-Shahada-Al Thanawiyya (Baccalaureate) exam held in Libya - To get a score of at least 185 out of 240 in the Scientific Stream for Engineering Faculty Departments and at least 170 for other departments.


13-) Candidates with secondary education score - To have at least 60% of the full grade



KTÜYÖS: Foreign Student Exam held by Karadeniz Technical University,

SAT I: Exam (Scholastic Aptitude Test) that can be taken all over the world to study at university in the United States,

GCE: The exam taken to study in a university in the UK (General Certificate of Education),

ACT: The standard test for college education in the United States (American College Testing),

ABITUR: German Baccalaureate Exam,

IB: International Baccalaureate exam,

TAWJIHI: Exam taken to study in Jordanian universities,

BACCALAUREAT LIBANAIS: Exam to study at Lebanese universities




Application Form (Maximum five choices will be made)

KTUYOS result document (or the original or certified copy of other exam results)

Certified photocopy of the high school diploma (The courses and transcripts of the high school they studied must be in English or Turkish approved by the high school directorate). Students who are in the last year of high school but whose diploma has not been prepared can apply with a transcript (transcript).

Document showing the Turkish level

Passport photocopy (certified),

1 photograph (4.5X6, taken from the front in the last six months)

T.R. or TRNC citizens and their first nationality by birth T.C. Those with dual nationality (for those who have completed their High School Education abroad) will document Articles 7 and 8.

T.R. or TRNC citizens Certificate of identity register copy (to be obtained from the Registry Office)

First nationality by birth T.C. Those with dual nationality, passport photocopy and certificate of identity register copy (to be obtained from the Registry Office)

T.R. or TRNC citizens and their first nationality by birth T.C. Those with dual nationality (for those who have completed their High School Education abroad) will certify Articles 7 and 8.

T.R. or TRNC citizens Certificate of identity register copy (to be obtained from the Registry Office) First nationality by birth T.C. Those with dual nationality, passport photocopy and certificate of identity register copy (to be obtained from the Registry Office)


Pre-Application Date and Place


It will be announced by Karadeniz Technical University Registrar's Office in June. All applications will be made to Karadeniz Technical University Registrar's Office in June together with the form, petition and required documents.

The completed application form and documents can be sent to the address of “Karadeniz Technical University Registrar's Office 61080 Trabzon” by mail.

Delays in mail are not taken into account.


Evaluation of Pre-Applications


The evaluation of the applications and the placement of the candidates are completely under the authority of  Karadeniz Technical University.

Karadeniz Technical University is free to fill the quotas or not. Meeting the application conditions does not require acceptance for placement.

Candidates with missing documents will not be evaluated.

Results will be announced in July at http://www.ktu.edu.tr/oidb.



Placement Method:


The evaluation and placement of the candidates will be done by our Rectorate.

Candidates with a KTUYOS score are given priority in the placement process.

Candidates can make a maximum of five choices from the announced quotas.

In the placement, candidates are ranked according to their score and KTÜYÖS score and placed within the quota.

If the quota is not filled, if there is no equivalent exam, the placement is made according to the secondary education success score. In case of equality of scores, the order of priority is given to those who have sufficient Turkish certificates, according to their biology-chemistry grades in health, mathematics-physics grades in science, history and geography grades in the social field, then to those who have higher grades in equivalent exams, then to those with a lower birth date, then to their surname.

Placement is made in a way that the number of candidates from the same country who are accepted to a faculty, college or vocational school does not exceed 20 percent of the total quota of the programs affiliated to this faculty, college or vocational school. If the quotas are not filled after the registration process is completed, the country threshold is not applied, and the candidate whose turn comes from substitutes is registered.

Additional placement is not made.

Candidates who apply to programs that accept students with the Special Ability exam must take the Special Ability exam.




Final registration of those who are placed to the university will be made in August at Karadeniz Technical University Registrar's Office-Trabzon. Registration dates of substitutes: It will be made on the date and form announced by Karadeniz Technical University Registrar's Office.


Final Registration Documents


Exam results certificate (Turkey approved the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in their country sample) or KTÜYÖS certification exam results.

High school diploma (Turkey approved the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in their country sample)

Note document (Turkey approved the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in their country sample)

on the completion of a secondary education certificate equivalent to Turkish high school equivalence (equivalence process of Turkey Embassy or Consulate in your country or the Ministry of Education made)

Learning Annotated passport (Turkey approved the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in their country sample)

Residence permit (temporary identification number for foreigners obtained from the police headquarters will be notified to the Registrar's Office until September 24, 2015.)

6 photographs (4.5x6, taken from the front, in the last six months)

Bank receipt stating that the tuition fee has been paid,

An internationally valid document stating that there is financial means to continue higher education,

g) A document showing the Turkish level.




Tuition Fee

Foreign students are learning Ministers of the Republic of Turkey as a share of the contribution amount determined by the decision of students to Turkey, three times for Teaching First, pay twice the fee for Secondary Education