M.Sc. Tezi Görüntüleme

Student: Ayhan YAZGAN
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Kemal ERDOĞDU
Department: Elektrik-Elektronik Müh.
Institution: Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences
University: Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey
Title of the Thesis: OFDM Based Chromatic Dispersion Compensation in Fiber Optic Media
Level: M.Sc.
Acceptance Date: 3/7/2008
Number of Pages: 96
Registration Number: i1924

      Optical communication systems have showed great developments thanks to optoelectronic materials and the innovations in cable production technologies since fiber optic cables were started to be used in communication. The compatibility of this new technology which is the backbone of the communication systems in the world with the other wireless communication systems enables engineers and researchers working in this field to produce new ideas.

In addition to technological developments on the cable production and optoelectronic materials, in recent years the studies on the field of fiber optic communication system has accelerated by developing the signal processing and modulation technics. As a result of this, alternative to OOK modulated signals such as RZ, NRZ which are used at present time, new communication technics are applied to fiber optic systems and system performance increases.

      In this work chromatic dispersion compansation has been accomplished by using the OFDM technic which is generally preferred for wireless network standarts (802.11a/g, WiFi, HiperLAN2, 802.16 WIMAX ). In this work it is also presented with a Monte Carlo computer simulation that OFDM based fiber optic communication can be used at high data rate on long haul transmission systems.


      Key words: Fiber Optic Communication, Electronic Dispersion Compensation, OFDM,

CO-OFDM, Chromatic Dispersion.