Ph.D. Tezi Görüntüleme

Student: Ömür AKYAZI
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Adem Sefa AKPINAR
Department: Elektrik-Elektronik Müh.
Institution: Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences
University: Karadeniz Technical University Turkey
Title of the Thesis: An Intelligent Control of Power Electronics Systems Designed for Variable Speed Wind Turbines
Level: Ph.D.
Acceptance Date: 8/5/2015
Number of Pages: 131
Registration Number: Di1074

      In this study, improvement of energy utilization, minimization of power quality problems in generation and consume sides, convenient power converters design and real time control of the system realized are aimed for the standalone variable wind turbine conversion systems. Proportional-Integral (PI) controller, which is one of the conventional controllers, and fuzzy logic controller (FLC) are used with this aim and also the comparison of FLC membership functions is done. Some of the controller parameters are optimized with regard to integral of time-weighted absolute error (ITAE) performance criteria by using particle swarm optimization (PSO) and genetic algorithms (GA) methods to improve performance of the controller suggested in the system control so that an intelligent and effective control is ensured for the power system. Both the real time implementation and simulation of the system control are done for different operation conditions and the results obtained are compared.

Key Words: Wind Energy, Intelligent control, PI controller, Particle swarm optimization, Genetic algorithm, Permanent magnet synchronous generator, Power converters