With all its practices in the fields of education, research, and social service, KTU’s mission is to raise individuals that are open to development, to encourage the development of high-level scientific and technological products, and to pioneer the development and welfare of society.


KTU’s vision is to be a nationally and internationally preferred university with all the educational services, scientific activities, and cultural environment it is to offer.

Values Statement

Our values are as follows:

  1. Possessing universal values, respecting human rights, and favoring the supremacy of law
  2. Adhering to the core values of the Republic of Turkey
  3. Seeking excellence in education
  4. Adopting an ethical approach
  5. Transparency and accountability
  6. Favoring both freedom and discipline
  7. Making knowledge-based decisions and leading the information society
  8. Adopting total quality management
  9. Being open to all kinds of cooperation for the well-being of society
  10. Embracing team spirit
  11. Valuing culture and art
  12. Being environmentally-conscious