International Students Orientation Program

The international students of Karadeniz Technical University participated in the International Students Orientation Program organized by the Trabzon Directorate of Migration Management within the context of the EU Orientation Program. The meeting took place in Novotel on 03.12.2021; Ramazan Latifoğlu (Director of Trabzon Directorate of Migration Management), Kemal Pehlivanlı (IOM Program Coordinator), Osman Çelikkol (Deputy Governor of Trabzon), İsmail Aslan (Trabzon Directorate of Migration Management), Samet Kamber (Trabzon Directorate of Migration Management), Dr Nihal Tüfek (Trabzon Provincial Directorate of Health), Arzu Özen (Trabzon Public Education Centre), İbrahim Durukan (Trabzon Provincial Directorate of National Education), Yahya Saka (Trabzon Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism), and Erkan Akpınar (Trabzon Provincial Directorate of Disaster and Emergency) shared their presentations. In the last session of the meeting, the experts shared information and answered the questions of the international students of TOMER and other departments at KTU.