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Internship Committee Chairman: Asst. Prof. Dr.  Emrah BENLİ
Internship Commission Assistant: Res. Assist. Besra CETİNDERE


  Interface for Internship İnformation Form
  Interface for Submitting Regular Internship Files
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Our students who want to do internship during the pandemic period must first fill out and send the INTERNSHIP INFORMATION FORM.

Those who have completed their internships can scan the signed and approved internship files and send them in PDF format to the Department Head via the "Internship File Upload" interface below. Internship files can also be hand-delivered to the department head office.

Internship workplace representative should also forward the document to be sent to our Department Head by the internship workplace representatives to the department chair via the same interface or by e-mail ( It is the duty of our intern student to convey this information to the Internship Workshop Representative.

Internship interviews will be conducted face to face. The internship file and other necessary documents will be examined after reaching the department chair, and if appropriate, an interview program will be made for the student. Internship interviews will be conducted by the Internship Committee. Internship interview program will be determined by the instructor who will conduct the interview and will be notified to the relevant student.

The file size that can be uploaded through the online submitting forms is 10 MB. If you have more than one file, combine them into a ZIP or RAR file and upload them as a single file. If the total file size is more than 10 MB, send your file by numbering it in 2 parts. 
Please use computer to compress your .ZIP or .RAR files. Do not use your cell phones for file compression, since incompetibility.








(1). Find the company that you will practice your internship.

(2). Fill and Submit the Internship Information Form. CLICK HERE to fill and submit the online form.

(3). If you answered "yes" to the question in the Internship Information form stating that you take full responsibility for the Coronavirus risk, continue with the following procedures.

(4).    Submit the internship application documents to the department chair.

(5).    Document regarding the "Internship Insurance Entry" Get it from the Health-Culture and Sports Department (Medico Social).

(6).    Internship result report file to be filled daily during the internship
        Word version of the Internship result report and Internship Registry Slips are located below under the heading "Other Supplementary Documents."

(7). Internship Surveys

They are located at the bottom of this page.
Download the surveys.
One of them will be filled by the trainee student and the other will be filled by the internship workplace representative.
Those whose questionnaires are missing cannot submit their Internship Final Report!!!

(8).    Complete your internship.

(9).    Complete the internship report and have it signed by the internship workplace representative

(10). Submit your internship final report, questionnaire and other internship documents, if there is any.

In order to upload these documents directly from the online interface, CLICK HERE.

Be aware of that, the interface used to submit Internship Final Report is different than this used for regular internship files. 







An Internship Directive has been prepared by KTU Engineering Faculty to regulate internship principles for KTU Engineering Faculty students. The directive consists of two parts. The first part contains the general articles foreseen for all departments, and the second part contains the special issues related to the departments itself. Click for the complete Internship Directive.

Internship students are being insured by our university against work accidents and occupational diseases. In order for the insurance to be made, the "Internship Form" must be filled in and submitted to the Internship Commission and the Department of Health, Culture and Sports at least 30 days before the start of the internship.

After completing their internship, our students must submit the two documents (Student Internship Registry Slip signed by the Workplace Supervisor and the Intern Student Evaluation Questionnaire of the Workplace Representative) to the Department Head, together with their internship final report.

Student Internship Registry Slip and Workplace Representative's Intern Student Evaluation Questionnaire must be filled in by the engineer responsible for the intern, put in an envelope and sealed. The intern student should never open this envelope and should deliver it together with the internship final report to the relevant internship evaluation committee in the department. The intern's workplace evaluation questionnaire should also be filled in by the student and submitted together with the internship report. This document does not need to be put in an envelope.






Since the forms to be filled are all in Turkish, this section has been left in Turkish. Once the forms are translated to English, then this web page will be in English too.

Duyuru (18.09.2021)

Announcement (18.09.2021)

Internship files for the summer of 2021 should be submitted in full online or by hand until Friday, October 08, 2021, at 17.00 at the latest. Files without the internship survey forms will not be accepted. No internship files will be accepted after this date (except those who are just waiting for their internship for graduation).

Upload your Internship Files from the online internship file upload interface or hand them to Research Assistant Besra ÇETİNDERE.

  Interface for Internship İnformation Form
  Interface for Submitting Regular Internship Files
  Interface for Submitting Internship Final Report






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    Other Supplementary Documents


  Interface for Internship İnformation Form
  Interface for Submitting Regular Internship Files
  Interface for Submitting Internship Final Report





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