Ders - The Laboratory of Measurements in Electrical Engineering Course

The Laboratory of  Measurements in Electrical Engineering Course





About the Lab

Lab name                     : Elektrik Mühendisliğinde Ölçme Dersi Laboratuvarı
Abreviated name         : MEE Lab
Level                           : Undergraduate
Lab Instractor              : Asst. Prof. Dr.  Mehmet Saadettin ÖZTÜRK
Technician                  : Tek. Ömer KÖSE
Users                         : Undergraduate students



Foundation Purpose and General Information

Measurements in Electrical Engineering (MEE) is an undergraduate-level course and it aims to teach measurement techniques for basic electrical phenomena. The laboratory portion of this course aims to give students practical experience for analyzing basic circuitry. 

The firs experiments cover bridge circuitry for alternative currents. The following second experiment entails setting up a power and energy measuring circuit. Both of these experiments include measurement of electrical quantities with the help of digital multimeters and visualizing input and output signals with the help of a digital oscilloscope. With these experiments, students will have an opportunity to evaluate their theoretical understanding of the above-mentioned circuits and general electrical components and their input-output relations.





1. Alternative Current (AC) Bridges

2. Power and energy measurements in single phase circuits


Documents to be read and filled and delivered

  1. 1. Student Ethics  (Turkish)     DOC        PDF
  2. 2. Student Ethics  (English)    DOC        PDF
  3. 3. Safetu Rules
  4. 4. Security Rules Declaration Form
  5. 5. Guide to preprare experiment report
  6. 6.  Report cover pageı
  7. 7. Draft Experiment Report
  8. 8. Experimental Report Examples
  9. 9. Experiment Sheets (Descriptions of experiments) 





‘Elektrik Mühendisliğinde Ölçme (ELK1004) ve Measurement in Electrical Engineering (EEE1002) dersinin laboratuvar kısmı ve ödevlerin teslimi Google Classroom üzerinden yapılacaktır. Hala ilgili dersin Google Classroom’una dahil olmadıysanız ivedilikle dersin öğretim üyesi M.Saadeddin Öztürk ( ile irtibata geçiniz.’ 





Distance Education Period



MEE laboratory will be done as homework. In order for this application to be successful, it is obligatory to comply with the followings:

1. The common forms on the home page of the laboratories will be filled and sent to the instructor.

2. The test setups described in the experiment instructions will be run on Multisim. Therefore, students are required to install these software. (Note: The software is available online with a 45 day trial version).

3. Each stage of all experiments will be reported.

4. The circuit connections and measurements should be reported, including the setup scheme (connection diagram) of the 3D assembly image (available in Multisim).

5. The measurements obtained from simulations performed with the software mentioned above will be added to the written report by processing similar to tables in the experiment report template.

6. After the similarity (plagurism) check, the prepared reports will be examined by the lecturer and the experiment research assistants. Therefore, everyone should prepare their own report with extreme care for citation and giving due right to the referred sources.

7. Students must comply with this code of ethics.


Schedule of laboratory experiments to be conducted remotely during the DE period and experiment assistants


Date and time

Name of the experiments


Week 1

 11.05.2020, Pazartesi, 22:00

  Alternating Current (AC) Bridges

  Res. Asst. Yeşim A. Baysal

Week 2

 18.05.2020, Pazartesi, 22:00

  Power and energy measurements in single phase circuits

 Res. Asst.  H. OKUMUŞ




Experiment:  Alternating Current (AC) Bridges (Section 1,    Section 2,    Section 3   and   Section 4)