Dated 04.01.1973, Karadeniz University Faculty of Medicine, 6th faculty of Karadeniz University was founded under the name of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences according to the Chapter 1650. In addition to its own divisions, Trabzon Faculty of Medicine, established as a unit of Hacettepe University, was also staffed by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Trabzon Faculty of Medicine, once affiliated to Hacettepe University, admitted students in 1976-1977 instructional year and those students continued their education in Hacettepe University. In accordance with the legal decision, issued 41 and dated 20.7.1982, KTU Faculty of Medicine and Health Medicine joined together as Karadeniz University Medicine Faculty.
Qualification Awarded  
The students who have graduated from the Faculty of Medicine is awarded with a Medical Doctor degree in the field of medicine.
Level of Qualification:  First Cycle Degree  
Mode of Study:  Full Time
Admission & Registration Requirements  
1 - High school diploma
2 - Obtaining the required grade from National University Entrance and Placement Exam (ÖSS,OYS),
3 - English proficiency (500 from TOEFL / 6 from IELTS)
4 - Medical Board .Report
Recognition of Prior Learning  
Recognition of prior learning is at the beginning stage in the Turkish Higher Education System. Karadeniz Technical University and hence the Faculty of Medicine is no exception to this. However, exams of exemption are organised at the start of each term at the University for courses compulsory in the curriculum, such as Foreign Languages and Basic Computing. The students who have completed the learning process for these courses on his/her own or through other means, and believe that they have achieved the learning outcomes specified are given the right to take the exemption exam. The students who achieve a passing grade from these exams are held exempt from the related course in the curriculum, and this grade is entered into the transcript of the student.
Qualification Requirements and Regulations  
To be able to secure the Medical Doctor degree in the field of Medicine (and thus title of Medical Doctor) the students are required to have passed all basic medical and clinical courses in the curiculum with a grade of at least CC and serve a 12 month rotating internship at last year.
Profile of the Programme  
Technological advancements and the continuing development of international medicine have given rise to dynamic educational opportunities in the new millenium. Karadeniz Technical University Faculty of Medicine has also continued to develop while scientific developments happen around the world. The main purpose of the faculty is to train expert, hard-working, open-minded, and research and scientifically oriented students to become physicians of good character. Graduates of the Faculty of Medicine are trained to promote health and to be aware of the main health problems of their local communities. The students are taught to use technical equipment cost-effectively. The faculty attempt to form the attitudes of the students according to ethical approaches. The students are taught to learn all of their lives and to work for humanity as well as to do their best for Turkey.
Examination, Assessment and Grading Regulations  
The examination, assessment and grading regulations have been set up for the university by the University Senate and the Faculty of Medicine is bound by these regulations. In the first three years, according to our integrated educational system each tissue committee has its own exam and two final exams at the and of midterm. In the fourth and fifth years students are assessed by oral, written and practical exams. In the sixth year as a internship, students should get proficiency degree for each courses. The marking is made out of 100. Grades of 86-100 is assigned a letter grade of AA, 81-85 BA, 76-80 BB, 66-75 CB, 60-65 CC and 0-59 F3 . The AA is the highest grade and has a grade credit of 4.00, BA 3.5, BB 3.0, CB 2.5, CC 2.0 and F3 0.0. Grades of AA to CC are needed to pass the exams.. During Phase 1,2 and 3, grade for each midterm is calculated as the sum of 60% of the committee's average and 40% of the final examination. The students who receive 60 out of 100 points as calculated by the avarege of two midterm grades pass the phase.
Graduation Requirements  
The graduation requirements for the Faculy of Medicine are the same as the qualification requirements and regulations. There is no additional requirement to secure the Medical Doctor Degree provided that the students have passed all the courses in the curriculum with at least a CC grade.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates  
The graduates of the Faculty of Medicine have many opportunities of employment in a varitey of state and private companies. The job opportunities for the graduates are immense. They are recruited as practitioners or they can get a job in private institutions. Moreover, they can specialize in any field after obtaining the required scores from Medical Specialization Examination (Its abreviation is TUS in Turkish). Those who complete post-graduate programme can establish their own consulting-rooms or still they can get a job in various health clinics or institutions. Besides, they can continue their academic career in faculties.
Access to Further Studies  
The students who have successfully graduated from the department may apply to post graduate programmes in the field of medicine here and in other universities, as well as other fields accepting student from the field of medicine.
Contact Information  
Postal Adress  KTÜ Faculty of Medicine 61080 Kanuni Kampüsü,Trabzon
Phone          : 3775405
Fax              : 325 2270
E-Mail          : 
Web Adress :
Departmental Facilities : 
The faculty is composed of three departments, namely Basic Medical Sciences, Internal Medical Sciences and Surgical Medical Sciences. The faculty provides laboratories having access to the Internet, CD shelves, reading halls, medical skills and multidisciplinary student labs and student clubs(e.g. Scientific Research Organization, TurkMSIC.) Farabi Hospital, a research and application centre of our faculty with a capacity of 800 beds, has been a center intensively cited. The services that the hospital offers are immense: services affiliated to the divisions, computerized tomography, bone marrow transplantation, magnetic resonance, angiography, stone fall machine, coronary intensive care, radiotherapy, dialysis units, emergency service offering multidisciplinary services, surgical intensive care and reanimation units are all available.
First Year
CodeCourse TitleECTS H+T+L C/E Lang.
First & Second semester
AITB193History of Revolution and Ataturk' S Princip.44+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
TDB 109Turkish Language44+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 100Medical Lectures - I4318+0+24CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 123Skills of Hand Was/Applying and Removi.Ste.Gl10+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 126Skil.of Appl.and Remo.Mas./Ass.Pul.and Bre.Ra10+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
YDI 113Reading and Writing in English33+0+0CompulsoryEnglish
Teknik(bölüm) Seçmeli-122+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Teknik(bölüm) Seçmeli-222+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Elective Courses
Teknik(bölüm) Seçmeli Grubu Dersleri
SEC 101Ergonomy and Anatomy22+0+0ElectiveTurkish
SEC 103The Life22+0+0ElectiveTurkish
SEC 105Basic Infermation Technologies22+0+0ElectiveTurkish
SEC 107Comminitacion and Presentation Technigues22+0+0ElectiveTurkish
SEC 109Communication Skills22+0+0ElectiveTurkish
First & Second Semester Total :6033+2+24
Second Year
CodeCourse TitleECTS H+T+L C/E Lang.
First & Second semester
TIP 200Basic Medicine Lectures - II5018+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 203Skills of Basic Pyh.Ex./Arte.Blood Pres.Meas10+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 204Skills of Positi.Coma Pat./Basic Life Support10+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
YDM 211Professional English42+0+0CompulsoryEnglish
Teknik(bölüm) Seçmeli-122+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Teknik(bölüm) Seçmeli-222+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Elective Courses
Teknik(bölüm) Seçmeli Grubu Dersleri
SEC 207Web Designing22+0+0ElectiveTurkish
SEC 209Medikal Physics22+0+0ElectiveTurkish
First & Second Semester Total :6024+2+0
Third Year
CodeCourse TitleECTS H+T+L C/E Lang.
First & Second semester
TIP 300Basic Medicine Lectures - III5023+2+5CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 303Skills of Preparing Ampules-Vials/Giving IM10+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 304Skills of Giving IV Injection/Suturing10+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
YDM 311English in Professional42+0+0CompulsoryEnglish
Teknik(bölüm) Seçmeli-122+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Teknik(bölüm) Seçmeli-222+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Elective Courses
Teknik(bölüm) Seçmeli Grubu Dersleri
SEC 301Creative and Funny Microbiology22+0+0ElectiveTurkish
SEC 303Important Cont. and Cranial Ner. in the Face22+0+0ElectiveTurkish
SEC 305Nature Sports and Disaster Management22+0+0ElectiveTurkish
First & Second Semester Total :6029+4+5
Fourth Year
CodeCourse TitleECTS H+T+L C/E Lang.
First & Second semester
TIP 409Pediatrics1512+16+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 416General Surgery915+25+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 423Internal Medicine1213+27+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 425Gynaecology and Obstetrics910+8+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 436Radiology38+8+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 453Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery610+25+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 455Chest Diseases and Chest Surgery615+15+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 477Per Patient Education00+5+0CompulsoryTurkish
First & Second Semester Total :6083+129+0
Fifth Year
CodeCourse TitleECTS H+T+L C/E Lang.
First & Second semester
TIP 504Anesthesiology and Reanimation58+8+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 505Neurosurgery511+15+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 510Dermatology511+15+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 512Infectious Diseases515+15+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 513Pediatric Surgery38+8+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 514Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation58+8+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 515Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery28+8+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 519Ophthalmology515+15+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 527Otorhinolaryngology514+15+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 529Neurology513+15+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 532Ortopoedics and Traumatology511+15+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 542Urology511+15+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 565Child Psychiatry29+9+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 567Psychiatry313+7+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 577Per Patient Education00+5+0CompulsoryTurkish
First & Second Semester Total :60155+173+0
Sixth Year
CodeCourse TitleECTS H+T+L C/E Lang.
First & Second semester
TIP 609Pediatrics100+32+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 616General Surgery30+32+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 621Public Health100+32+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 623Internal Medicine100+32+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 624Emergency Medicine100+32+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 625Gynecology and Obstetrics70+32+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 631Rational Pharmacotherapy10+32+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 633Forencis Medicine10+32+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 680Internal Medicine (Elective)40+32+0CompulsoryTurkish
TIP 690Surgical Sciences (Elective)40+32+0CompulsoryTurkish
First & Second Semester Total :600+320+0