Software Engineering Department is opened within the Of Technology Faculty on the date of 22.02.2011 and with no. 008075 article by means of Republic of Turkey Presidency of Higher Education.
Qualification Awarded  
Software Engineering
Level of Qualification:  First Cycle Degree  
Mode of Study:  Full Time
Admission & Registration Requirements  
(1) The acceptance of student for undergraduate programs conducted in units allied to Karadeniz Technical University is done according to the results of selection and placement exams arranged by Student Selection and Placement Center. Students accepted to the university have to fulfil the conditions for exact registration as follows: a) Presenting a diploma or formal document which shows to graduate from high schools or their equivalents b) Paying school fee determinate according to 46th article in accordance with the law no 2547. (2) The original of documents required for registration or its approved sample is accepted by the university. The process is made on the basis of the declaration of applicant with regard to military service and conduct sheet.
Recognition of Prior Learning  
The process of a priori education recognition is still on the onset in Turkish Higher Education Institutions. For this reason, a priori education recognition has not been definitively initiated in all programs at Karadeniz Technical University yet. However, exemption exam has been arranged by each term for lessons such as The Usage of Basic Information Technology and English (English Profiency Exam) included in obligatory curriculum of departments. Students, who complete the learning process on their own from this lessons or think providing learning outcome in this lessons with different ways, have the right of taking into this exams. Prospering students are exempt from related lesson in syllabus.
Qualification Requirements and Regulations  
All lessons included in program (total 240 ECTS) should be completed successfully and grade point average should be at least 2.0 out of 4.00. 72 work-day internship in summer should be completed according to Of Technology Faculty Internship Directions.
Profile of the Programme  
Update and practical education-training programs have been implemented with young professionals and a dynamic academic staff in Software Engineering Department, which has totally 10 (ten) instructors on the brink of 4 (four) academic members, 4 (four) academics and 2 (two) research assistants. The subjects of software engineering are handled and determined by IEEE and International Standards Organization (ISO). According to these determinations, Software Engineering fields contain technical, artistic and administrative subjects. In this point, raising software developers fitted contemporary, theoretical and practical information is vital in terms of directing technology that economy needs. Software engineering departments of the universities took on this task. Besides, the basic aims of ?Software Engineering? are the data models using in solving the problems based on the computer software of different disciplines and exposed to data structures.
Examination, Assessment and Grading Regulations  
Students are subjected to mid-term exam, project, seminar, quiz, assignments, laboratory or academic term works and end of academic term exam in each semester. Academic term works and end of academic term exam notes are given out of 100 points. At least a mid-term exam is done in academic terms practice within the semester for a course. On the other hand, project, assignment, laboratory, practice and etc. can be instead of mid-term exam with the decision of related unit board. The contribution to course final grade of academic term/year-end exam is 50%. It is obligatory to attend at least 80% of practice and/or laboratory and also at least 70% of the first received courses, to register that course in order to take an academic term-end examination of a course. If the students do not fulfill these conditions, they cannot be accepted the academic term-end examination. Absent letter grade (D) is given to these students. The contribution to letter grade of academic term/year-end is 50%. It is obligatory to get at least 40 points out of 100 in the academic term-end examination. Students, who do not take the academic term-end examination or can not take at least 40 points from that examination, do not attend the academic term practices evaluation and these students are evaluated with letter grade FF. Students, who get the letter grades (AA), (BA), (BB), (CB) and (CC) from a course, they can be regarded as success from that course. Besides, if the students have semester grade point average of 2.00 and more bigger than that average, their letter grade (DC) courses also are regarded as succeeded. If the students get letter grades (DD), (FD) and (FF) from a course, they can be regarded as unsuccessful.
Graduation Requirements  
All lessons included in program (total 240 ECTS) should be completed successfully and grade point average should be 2.0 out of 4.00. 72 work-day internship in summer should be completed according to Of Technology Faculty Internship Directions.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates  
Software Engineers shall be experienced about software and business solutions production and execution fulfilling the needs of company or corporations as an engineer who has authority to sign. Students, who graduate from Software Engineering Department, have a wide work area such as systems analyst, systems engineer, design engineer, web designer specialist, information technologies specialist and application programmer in various departments of each agency and institutes. They can also take charge in management, data management in data processing centers of companies producing computer software and as application engineer in the realization and computer-aided industrial design. Software engineers who will graduate from program will make project design at software field. They can put these projects into practice. They will have features to complete the test and integration steps successfully. They can employ in foundations producing defense industry and electronic device as application engineers and working on networks as application employee or systems engineers. Besides, they can work at universities as academician and in private sector companies and military foundations as software specialist. Graduates, who will take education formation, will work in related departments in Technical, Industrial Vocational Highschools and Vocational Training Centers dependent on the Ministry of National Education.
Access to Further Studies  
Contact Information  
Postal Adress  Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi, Of Teknoloji Fakültesi, Yazılım Mühendisliği Bölümü, Of/Trabzon
Phone          : 3778478
Fax              : 7717251
E-Mail          :
Web Adress :
Departmental Facilities : 
Our department has 5 classes-96 people, 2 classes-60 computer laboratory, 1 lecture hall. Students have sheltering possibilities in dormitories belonging to Credit and Dormitories Agency near in our faculty. Canteen, cafeteria and dining hall are located in dormitory building. Also, our faculty has 1 football, 1 tennis and 1 basketball pitch. Students can benefit from these possibilities.
First Year
CodeCourse TitleECTS H+T+L C/E Lang.
First semester
AITB1001History of Revolution and Ataturk' s Princip.22+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
TDB1001Turkish Language - I22+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
YDB1001English - I33+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
YZM1001Introduction Software Engineering32+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
YZM1003Introduction to Programming and Algorithm53+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
YZM1005Mathematics - I54+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
YZM1007Computer Essentials53+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
First Semester Total :3022+1+1
Second semester
AITB1000History of Revolution and Ataturk' s Princip.22+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
TDB1000Turkish Language - II22+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
YDB1004English II22+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
YZM1000Software Requirements Engineering42+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
YZM1006Web Design And Programming52+2+0CompulsoryTurkish
YZM1010Data Structures52+2+0CompulsoryTurkish
Second Semester Total :3019+4+0
Second Year
CodeCourse TitleECTS H+T+L C/E Lang.
First semester
YDI2001Reading and Writing in English32+0+0CompulsoryEnglish
YZM2005Differantial Equations54+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
YZM2011Operating Systems43+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
YZM2017Database and Management52+2+0CompulsoryTurkish
Elective Courses
2.Sınıf-Güz-Sosyal-I Grubu Dersleri
YZM2003FOLK DANCES42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
2.Sınıf-Güz-Sosyal-II Grubu Dersleri
YZM2015Engineering and IT Ethics42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
First Semester Total :3017+4+0
Second semester
YZM2000Probability and Statistics53+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
YZM2008Discrete Mathematics42+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
YZM2010PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH32+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
YZM2016Advanced Web Applications52+2+0CompulsoryTurkish
Second Semester Total :3015+4+2
Third Year
CodeCourse TitleECTS H+T+L C/E Lang.
First semester
YZM3001Formal languages and automata teory43+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
YZM3009System Programming42+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
YZM3017Software Design and Architecture53+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
3.Sınıf-Güz Teknik-1-142+0+0ElectiveTurkish
3.Sınıf-Güz Teknik-2-142+0+0ElectiveTurkish
3.Sınıf-Güz Teknik-3-142+0+0ElectiveTurkish
Elective Courses
3.Sınıf-Güz Teknik-1 Grubu Dersleri
YZM30213D Modelling and Animation42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
YZM3027Development of Mobile Application42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
3.Sınıf-Güz Teknik-2 Grubu Dersleri
YZM3013Script Languages42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
3.Sınıf-Güz Teknik-3 Grubu Dersleri
YZM3011Human Computer Interaction42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
YZM3019Visual Programming42+0+0ElectiveTurkish
First Semester Total :3016+4+0
Second semester
YZM3012Artificial Intelligence53+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
YZM3014Computer Networks52+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
Second Semester Total :2613+2+1
Fourth Year
CodeCourse TitleECTS H+T+L C/E Lang.
First semester
YZM4001Vocational Training II30+2+0CompulsoryTurkish
First Semester Total :301+11+0
Second semester
YZM4006.Software Quality Assurance03+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
Second Semester Total :106+2+0