Information On The Institution - Academic Authorities

The formal head of the University is the Rector who implements the resolutions of the governing bodies of higher education, reviews and decides on the proposals of university boards and ensures coordination among organizations attached to the university. The University Senate is the chief academic body at the university level and is responsible for coordinating the academic activities of the University. 

Administrative Staff 

Prof. Dr. Süleyman BAYKAL, Rector

Tel: +90 462 325 3243        Fax: +90 462 325 3205     E-mail:

Prof. Dr. Halil İbrahim OKUMUŞ, Vice Rector 


Prof. Dr. Asım ÖREM, Vice Rector 


Prof. Dr. Hikmet ÖKSÜZ, Vice Rector


Mehmet KARABAYIR, General Secretary

Tel: +90 462 377 3304        Fax: +90 462 325 3205     E-mail: