Information For Students - Learning Facilities

Karadeniz Technical University has achieved a great improvement towards meeting the demands of teaching and self-learning. These include a state-of-the art library, auditoriums of high quality, classes with technological teaching devices, self-study rooms and laboratories.

Faik Ahmet Barutçu Library

The main library situated on the main campus is equipped with all facilities a student may be in need of. It has subscriptions to major on-line data bases with hundreds of periodicals in different fields, as well as on-line books and thesis. The number of registered packages increases steadily based on the requests of the academic units.

All foreign students, after enrolling in the Karadeniz Technical University, are given full access to the library where services of surfing on internet, computing, catalogue-search and photocopying are provided.

The library is open from eight- in the morning to nine o’clock in the evening during weekdays, and from nine- to five o’clock during the weekends. However, the borrowing desk is open only on Monday to Friday during the working hours (08 to 17, excluding the lunch break at 12 to 13). The borrowed books should be returned to the library on time. Otherwise, the student is subject to a fine of 15 kuruş (approximately 10 cents) per book per day after the expiry date of the loaning period.



Karadeniz Technical University has refurbished all the lecture theatres and auditoriums and equipped them with new technological instruments. All the departmental buildings have at least one lecture theatre which can also be used for conferences. Apart from these the university has recently built a convention centre with two main auditoriums and six lecture theatres and workshop halls. Most lecture rooms have also been equipped with computers and projectors to enable interactive teaching and learning in the university.


Karadeniz Technical University is one of the leading higher education institutions in the country and is aware of its responsibility in keeping its position. The laboratories in the university are closely monitored not to be outdated and those which need refurbishment are done so. Recently the university has modernised all the student laboratories in the Faculty of Engineering and is continuing to do the same in other faculties in sequence.