Information For Students - Cost Of Living

Turkey is cheaper in many respects than most of the western countries. It is also ranked the cheapest OECD country. Most Turkish students live on around 200-300€ per month including the cost of dormitories. For foreign students the Erasmus+ grant should be sufficient not only o live on, but also to explore and enjoy the life here in Trabzon. Below is a list of prices for usual buys.

Product Price Product Price
 Bread  (200 gr) 1,5 TL  A kilo of kiwis 3 TL
 A litre of milk 3 TL  A bar of chocolate 1 TL
 Butter (250 gr) 3 TL  A glass of tea 1 TL
 A kilo of white cheese 10 TL  A cup of coffee 5 TL
 A kilo of cheddar cheese 12 TL  A litre of olive oil 40 TL
 A dozen of eggs 6 TL  A litre of vegetable oil 12 TL
 A kilo of chicken meat 14 TL  A kilo of tea 15 TL
 A kilo of beef meat 40 TL  A box of tea ( 40 bags) 3 TL
 A kilo of tomatoes 3 TL  A can of beer 10 TL
 A kilo of potatoes 1 TL  A packet of Marlborough 15 TL
 A kilo of sugar 5 TL  Bus ticket 1,25 TL
 A litre of orange juice 1,5 TL  Minibus ( Dolmuş ) 2 TL
 A litre of coke 3 TL  Cinema ticket 12 TL
 A kilo of apples 2 TL  Ticket for football match 50 TL
 A kilo of oranges 2 TL  Average restaurant meal 15 TL
 A packet of cake 0,5 TL  Daily rent of  a car 75 TL
 A kilo of bananas 5 TL  A litre of petrol 5 TL

Trabzon is a lively city and streets are full of people even in the nights. The shopping is concentrated in the city centre in pedestrian streets where shops are open from 09h to 19h Monday to Saturday. Department stores, groceries and supermarkets are open till 10 o’clock in the evening. Some restaurants and cafes are open till midnight. Sunday is holiday, but many shops are open.

Automatic transaction machines (ATM’s) are widespread both in the town centre and on the campus. They are easy to operate as most have a language key to enable the user to read the instructions in English.