M.Sc. Tezi Görüntüleme

Student: Emrah SÜME
Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammet Vefa AKPINAR
Department: İnşaat Mühendisliği
Institution: Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences
University: Karadeniz Technical University Turkey
Level: M.Sc.
Acceptance Date: 13/1/2016
Number of Pages: 134
Registration Number: i2998

      Construction demolition waste should be recycled considering landfill dump fee and the shipping costs. After a certain period of time when the storage area of capacity is full these areas loose their functionality resulting in new landfill services. Participation of recycled waste into the reproduction will provide saving of material required for the production of concrete and will decrease the need for new storage space.

In this study, recycled materials obtained from urban transformation Construction Demolition Waste (CDW) were researched as to be used in concrete pavements. Concrete beam and core samples with %100 cleaned recycled aggregates (CRA), %100 normal aggregates (NA) and by the RA weight of mix %20, 40, 60, 80 substituting instead of NA were subjected to laboratory testing program. Bending tensile strength and compressive strength values were determined and compared. As the RA ratio increases concrete compressive strength increased however the bending tensile strength fluctuated (increses and decreases). Concrete beam and core samples with %100 CRA gave the maximum tensile and compressive strengths. It was also shown that the %100 CRA can be used for concrete road pavements.


      Key Words: Urban transformation, Construction demolition waste (CDW), Recycled aggregate (RA), Concrete pavement, Bending tensile strength, Compressive strength