Ph.D. Tezi Görüntüleme

Student: Adem AKPINAR
Supervisor: Doç. Dr. Murat İ. KÖMÜRCÜ
Department: İnşaat Mühendisliği
Institution: Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences
University: Karadeniz Technical University Turkey
Title of the Thesis: Wave Modeling and Wave Power Potential Determination in The Blacksea
Level: Ph.D.
Acceptance Date: 14/2/2012
Number of Pages: 140
Registration Number: Di889

       In this study, hindcasting of offshore and nearshore wave parameters in the Black Sea was carried out by the third generation wave prediction model (SWAN - Simulated WAve Nearshore) using the ECMWF ERA Interim wind fields. In addition, wave parameters were estimated by 4 different parametric or simplified models (Wilson, SPM, Jonswap, and CEM methods) using two different wind sources (DMİ and ECMWF) at Hopa and Sinop buoy stations where measured wave parameters data is available. Results of the SWAN, simplified models, and wave hindcast data of the ECMWF were compared against measurement data (Hs ve Tz) at Hopa and Sinop buoy stations. The models accuracies were evaluated by comparing each other using statistical error measures. Besides, the SWAN model results were compared with the METU3 wave hindcasts at Hopa station. As a result of all these comparisons, it was observed that the SWAN model gives the best results (R = 0.71 at Hopa station, R = 0.66 at Sinop station for Hs) in the study area and at that period.

The SWAN model, which was set-up with temporal and spatial resolutions of 6 hours and 0.016o x 0.016o respectively, was run for a period of 15 years and a dataset including various wave parameters (Hs, Tm01, Tz, Te, θ, and two spectrum parameters) for all of the Black Sea was generated. The annual, seasonal, and monthly mean spatial distributions of significant wave height and wave power for all of the Black Sea were firstly produced by using this dataset,, and then, the temporal changes of wave power at a few stations, which are in open sea, were examined by focusing on the Middle and Eastern Black Sea Region of Turkey. Probabilities of exceedance of wave power at these stations and wave energy development index values of wave farms that may be established around these stations were determined and amount of wave energy that can be harnessed around these stations was identified.

       Considering the whole Black Sea, it is determined that the western part of the Turkish coasts of the Black Sea has the largest value of the potential of wave power (3 kW/m) and this value decreases to 1.5 kW/m from west to east. Similarly, it is concluded that there is a similar trend for the amounts of wave energy (from 10 MWh/m/year to 5 MWh/m/year), which will be able to be produced from the wave farms installed at the selected locations (2100 m long) in the Middle and Eastern Black Sea Section of Turkey.

      Key Words: Wave Power Potential in The Blacksea, SWAN Wave Prediction Model in the Blacksea, Wind Waves, Simplified Wave Prediction Methods, ECMWF Data Base