Ph.D. Tezi Görüntüleme

Student: Ahmet TURAN
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Temel KAYIKÇIOĞLU
Department: Elektrik-Elektronik Müh.
Institution: Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences
University: Karadeniz Technical University Turkey
Title of the Thesis: Research To Short- And Long Term Memory Effects of Motif Based Neuronal Networks
Level: Ph.D.
Acceptance Date: 10/10/2013
Number of Pages: 193
Registration Number: Di994

      A lot of theoretical and experimental studies are conducting on the biological memory in order to understand it’s the structure and functions. With the help of the models created and in the light of experimental studies, it is tried to understand the biological networks of memory structures and their motives which is the basic building block of them. In this thesis, the nerve cell is modeled as a single-partition of soma and from this model, specifically the response of the external currents externally applied are evaluated. The chemical synaptic communication link between the cells are added to the model and the data communication between nerve cells are modeled by concentrating on three cells motifs which is thought as input, intermediate and output. A model is created for every possible three cells motifs that can show memory effect, including proposed motifs in biological studies for memory organizations. Additionally, long-term and short-term memory behaviors of biological networks are identified by applying different currents and making different applications on the created motif models by considering the circumstances of stimulating the cells in the form of stimulating or inhibiting each other. It is presented that the small network of generalized motifs behave the same with its building block of motifs. The contributions of motifs to the memory behaviors is showed by modeling the spine growth.

Key Words: Long-term memory, Short-term memory, Motif, Divided Modelling, Synaptic communication, Stimulating-inhibiting stimuli, Spine