Ph.D. Tezi Görüntüleme

Student: Hilmi ZENK
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Sefa AKPINAR
Department: Elektrik-Elektronik Müh.
Institution: Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences
University: Karadeniz Technical University Turkey
Title of the Thesis: The Effect of Turning Off Angle on Ferroresonance Event
Level: Ph.D.
Acceptance Date: 28/4/2014
Number of Pages: 197
Registration Number: Di1017

      In this thesis study during a ferroresonance event that took place in transformers that are commonly used in all electrical plants, circuit breaker switch’s opening/closing times, or in other words, effect of switch’s electrical angles on the system parameters are monitored by experimental and computer resembledmethods. In this experimental system the following were used: adjustable alternate voltage supply, voltage transformers, angle controlled semi-conductor switch circuits that were designed in two different ways, ferroresonance circuit, voltage and current detection circuits, digital data transfer device, and computer software. Chapter one explains magnetism and its various types, magnetic fields, and electrical conversion. Chapter two provides detailed information about transformers. Chapter three describes linear resonance that occurs in the electrical circuits. Chapter four describes in detail, ferroresonance event and its effects. Chapter five explains the work done on the hardware and software. Chapter six, the designed control system of micro controlled opening/closing angle (DCSMCOCA) and the control system of computer controlled opening/closing angle (CSCCOCA) that are used in the system are described and the results are explained. Results of the experimental study and resembled results on the computer that are suitable for the experiment are compared and investigated. When the results obtained from this experiment are compared with the modern day systems, it shows us that an electronically controlled, circuit breaker switch angle monitoring system such as presented in this study, adds an important addition to avoid the risk of a ferroresonance event taking place at high power energy systems, thus improving power quality.

      Key Words: Ferroresonance, Power Quality, Angle Monitoring System (AMS), Monitoring System of Micro Controlled Opening and Closing Angle (MSMOCA), Monitoring System of Computer Aided Opening and Closing Angle (MSCAOCA), Ferroresonance Circuit, Voltage Transformer (VT), Matlab / Simulink Simulation